Newsletter – August 18, 2014



Dear Friends of the Farm,

It appears to have been an exciting week while I was gone!  Corn, melons and peaches…very, very exciting!  This week you are getting Yukon Gold, red onions, cabbage, squash, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, jalapeno, bell peppers and muskmelon.  There isn’t enough corn for everyone, so only a few of you will receive it.  And half of you will get yellow watermelon and half of you red watermelon. Continue reading

Newsletter – August 10, 2014


Dear Members,

This week you are getting:  red potatoes, yellow onions, Chioggia beets, daikon radish, carrots, squash, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, cinnamon basil, Swiss chard and sweet corn.  A few melons are just starting to come on and some of you might get them.  Fruit shares will get about 5lbs of a variety of peaches this week!!!

Reminder:  Jacquie is out of town through the 14th of August.  I would like to make a request for no changes to your shares during this duration.  Dani will be coming into the office on Sunday.  If for some reason changes have to occur during this week, I ask that all phone calls (no email) are made by Sunday noon.  Thank you for your patients with the men folk while I am gone! Continue reading

Newsletter – August 3, 2014


This week you are getting:  Yukon potatoes, red onions, orange, yellow and purple carrots, red beets, summer squash, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, cauliflower (Wednesday only), peppers, garlic, green beans, green basil and dill.  Dilly squash:  sauté squash, onion, garlic, salt and pepper and fresh dill weed (leaves) for a great side dish!

New:  You are getting a new sweet pepper called Canario.  It is a long, slender pepper similar in shape to an anaheim pepper.  It can be green, yellow or red in color and can be used like a bell pepper.  It is known for its frying and roasting compatibility.  Something new for our stir-fries!! Continue reading

Newsletter – July 28, 2014


Dear Friends of the Farm,

Can you believe we are one third of the way through the season?!  The farm looks terrific too.  We are so relieved the rain has stopped and the temperatures are warmer.  All your fruit and vegetable plants are starting to take off and get bushy.

This week you are getting red potatoes, white onions, garlic, red beets, squash, slicing cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, broccoli or cauliflower, a bunch of Swiss chard and green beans.

Did you know that oregano, basil, mint and lavender can be added to iced tea or lemonade to make a flavored drink? Continue reading

Newsletter – July 21, 2014


Dear Friends,

This week you are getting Yukon Gold potatoes, Walla Walla onions (very much like a Vidalia), carrots, Golden beets, garlic, squash, green beans and some of you will get cucumbers. The cucumber plants are struggling to produce because of the hailstorms earlier in the season.

FYI: There will not be as many beans or corn to give out this season. The continual rain showers are rotting the seed before it can even sprout! (And we have planted them every week!) Continue reading

Newsletter – July 14, 2014

logorooster.gifDear Members,

New this week – Banana fingerling potatoes, red onions, scarlet turnips, green kohlrabi, cucumbers, green beans, and basil.  Some of you may also be getting some broccoli, but the whole field did not come on at the same time! Hopefully, those of you who do not get it this week will have it next week.  You are also getting white onions, garlic, carrots and squash.

Oh Yum!!! Summer is here! Continue reading

Newsletter – July 7, 2014

logorooster.gif Dear Friends,

This week you are getting Delicious New Red Potatoes, sweet Walla Walla onions, Music (to your ears) garlic, crazy carrots, tempting turnips, rebellious red beets, preposterous purple kohlrabi, sumptuous summer squash and fabulous fennel. Kohlrabi is in the cole crop family and can be used similarly to cabbage.  It can be shredded and added to salads, sliced and steamed like turnips or cooked in stir-fry’s.  It is very tasty eaten raw as a carrot, but I have to admit; it is very tasty with ranch dressing or hummus! Fennel is equally as easy to use.  It can also be shredded into a salad, stir-fried and baked under or over fish and roasts.  The leaves are as edible as the bulbs and can add that settle licorice taste to anything.  Try mixing beets, carrots, fennel, onion and kohlrabi as a delicious raw salad with a vinegar and oil dressing!  The longer it sits the better it tastes! Continue reading