2015 Shares – Update from Jacquie


Dear Members;

I’m sorry if I did not explain myself well about the statements and the
enclosed documents. It would be helpful if everyone would read the
newsletter before calling about making changes to your statement/order.

I need everyone to sign the third page whether or not you are making any
changes. Please return it to me along with your payment. By signing this
document, it is saying you agree with the order as we have it listed or
you want to make changes (as you have listed) and agree to pay for those

You are not obligated to continue with the membership or to purchase
everything you received last year. If you need to cancel everything or an
individual item, please list that and return the document to me and we
will take care of you! Please list your Distribution Center.

Thank you in advance for sharing our dream of farming and supporting that
financially and emotionally. It can be taxing at times when Mother Nature
will not cooperate. Your cards and letters of support can really get us
through those tough days!

Thank you again for supporting this 79 year old farm,
Jacquie Monroe

ALERT: 2015 Summer Shares

Hi all! Just a reminder that new 2015 summer sign-ups will begin in January. For renewing members you will not get a sign-up form if you committed to next year’s share via your distribution center (DC). Instead, a statement will be in the mail in or around January. If you did not commit with your DC, your space is up for grabs and you will receive a sign-up form at the same time as new customers on the Monroe wait list. Space will be filled ‘first come, first served’ basis. Continue reading

Volunteers Needed TOMORROW (Sunday, Nov 9)!

Volunteers needed!

We have been so busy picking crops to put into storage for winter; we have
not been able to get the garlic ready for planting. It needs to be
separated by cloves before it can be planted. We are asking everyone to
consider joining us this Sunday at 9 and again at 1. We will be working
all day until all the garlic is separated. We ask for as many hours you
are willing to help. If you are only able to give us an hour or two, we
will take it. Those of you willing to stay most of the day can bring a
lunch and join us in the house for an hour of food and friendship!

Your help would be greatly appreciated because if we do not get this
separated, it will not get planted and we won’t have garlic next year.
Thank you in advance for your time given to the adventures of farming! As
my Grandmother used to say, “Many hands make light work!” So please plan
on spending a little time on the farm working on a very important project.

Newsletter – October 13, 2014


Dear Friends of the Farm,

This is week 18 and you will receive Yukon Gold potatoes, onions, carrots, leeks, eggplant, cabbage or broccoli, bell peppers, specialty peppers, garlic and tomatoes (red, orange and green).

Honey: Those of you who get monthly and bi-monthly deliveries will be getting your last delivery.

Surveys: We value your opinion very much and look forward to reading all your opinions. If the majority of surveys want a quantity change, we will take a look at the size of our shares and make adjustments accordingly, if we can. Same with suggestions for new crops; if we can grow it, we will consider it! It is imperative you tell us your family size, share size and diet. It makes a difference! (If you haven’t filled yours out yet, you can download it here. You will need to print it out, fill it out, and mail it to the farm.) Continue reading

Newsletter – October 7th, 2014


Dear Friends of the farm,

This is week 17 of an 18 week season:  You are getting Yukon Gold potatoes (Thur will get fingerling), red, white and yellow onions, carrots, leeks, specialty peppers, bell peppers, poblano and anaheim peppers, garlic tomatoes and celery. Tue will be getting their missing corn.  Were you surprised by the beans and corn last week?  Jerry tries to push the season at both ends…just in case it doesn’t freeze in May and again in September.  We had two light frosts now, the second just happening Sat. morning.  The tops of the peppers and tomato plants are showing some damage, but they are holding on. Continue reading

Newsletter – September 29, 2014


Dear Members,

This is week 16 of an 18 week season. You are getting Banana Fingerling potatoes, yellow, white and red onions, carrots, golden beets, leeks, squash, fennel, broccoli, bell peppers, new sweet peppers, green beans and corn. Fruit Shares are getting Red Bartlett Pears and Honey Crisp apples!

Guess what? It’s pepper time! You will be getting several types of sweet peppers every week. If this gets overwhelming for you…keep in mind they can be frozen raw! Chop to the preferred size and stick into a plastic bag and freeze. They will be ready for recipes like stir-fries, fajitas or eggs. Continue reading

Newsletter – September 23, 2014


Dear Friends of the Farm;

This week you are getting French Fingerling potatoes, white and yellow onions, yellow and purple carrots, lemon cucumbers, summer squash, tomatoes, black eggplant and Japanese eggplant, bell peppers and a new sweet pepper that can be either red, yellow or orange.

Harvest Festival:  What a blast we had this weekend!  It was a comfortable sunny day at a perfect 75 degrees.  The side dishes and desserts we absolutely wonderful!  Chili roasting got started early and didn’t stop until 5 o’clock!  Everyone was wonderful about helping set up and volunteer all day long.  Clean-up was a snap with all the helping hands! Continue reading