Attention Government Workers

If a person in your family is a federal employee and you have been
affected by the government shut down, please don’t worry about payment to
the farm at this time.  Go ahead and send in your sign up form, note on
the form that you or your spouse is a government employee and we will
worry about payment once you are back to work and have a steady paycheck.
We will eventually need a minimum of $175 no later than June 1st; prior to
starting distribution.  We completely understand and don’t want you to
lose out on your spot with the farm.


Important note about 2019 Summer Share signup (web)

NOTE FROM JACQUIE: We apologize for the delay, our website has not been updated with the 2019 Summer Share sign up yet. The person that updates our website is out of town and will return later this week. We are hoping to have the sign up form available on our website by next week. Please do not use the link that is currently on there, this is for the 2018 winter share ONLY. We also mailed sign up forms last Friday, you should receive it any day now and are welcome to return that in lieu of signing up online.

The Monroe Patriarch Has Passed On – Gerald Ernest Monroe Sr. – In Memoriam

I had a special relationship with my father because I chose to be a farmer just like him. I had someone that could relate to what I was going through; someone I could get advice from and someone to talk to.

As a youngster, I remember my dad’s excitement at the beginning of each spring…going through catalogs, picking out seed; showing me the pictures and explaining what he wanted to do.

Like me, he loved the smell of freshly plowed earth; the anticipation and excitement of the plants breaking through the soil and hearing irrigation water run down the rows.

Mom and Dad were so happy the day I told them I wanted to take over the farm. They were so excited! I realize now, it was because they really wanted someone to continue farming.

Mom and Dad helped me so much in my career. Dad’s advice was so valuable to me. He had seen so much and could tell me what to expect.

I’ll never forget how excited Dad was when we purchased our first new tractor or our trip together to investigate CSA’s or our trip to California for the Tulare Farm Show.

I wish everyone could have been there when I told Dad that Kyle wanted to follow in his footsteps. He was so touched; he couldn’t speak for a moment. And then, with a big grin on his face, he said, “He does, well that’s fantastic!”

There are not enough words to express his influence on my life.

To me, Dad’s finest qualities were his patience, acceptance and positivity. It was his inherent ability to listen, to absorb and to offer a point of view based on his quiet, measured wisdom. He always accepted who you were without reservation and his positivity was boundless.

Our father had a quiet dignity. He represented himself in a way that demanded respect, just as he respected others.

I now have the quiet assurance of a father’s voice, filling my heart, saying, “Don’t worry, I am here, you can do this.”

So today, with my heart kicking in protest against his farewell, I am still learning from my Dad.

This parting is not forever!

Winter lamb still available!

Monroe have 1 1/2 lambs still available! Lambs will go to the processor on January 9, 2019.  A whole lamb is $450, a half lamb is $225.  Take home for a whole lamb is approximately 55 pounds, half of that for a half.  Processing fee is $45 for half, $90 for whole, and is due to Valley Packing at the time of pick up.  If you are interested please contact the farm directly  at 970-284-7941 or  Payment is due in full by December 15th.

Winter share produce list – Nov 14, 2018

WINTER SHARE MEMBERS! This week you will be getting spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, leeks, Yukon Gold potatoes, rutabaga, carrots, parsnips, yellow onions, red onions, green cabbage, garlic, tomatoes and yellow popcorn. BONUS: You’ll also find a bag of mixed greens in your share – turnip greens and lettuce. Happy cooking!

Winter Share Newsletter – Nov 1, 2018

Dear Winter Members,

This week you are getting spaghetti squash, Delicata and Sweet Dumpling squash, Yukon Gold potatoes, leeks, daikon radish, yellow onions, red beets, carrots, red cabbage, garlic, bell peppers, anaheim peppers, tomatoes, black beans and a bag of kale.

Through experimentation and experience (Jerry always tells me he has yesterdays’ experience) he plans on giving you the majority of the sweet potatoes, winter squash and lettuce by the end of December. He is afraid it will not store into January or February. So please enjoy while we have it! And if we can keep any of it into the later months, we will try. But storing produce the ‘a la natural way’ does not allow for flexibility. We do not spray growth prohibitores, waxes or other chemicals on our produce while it is in storage. Therefore, it will start to get soft, break down and go bad. Sorting will be a huge part of our job in the coming months. If you need to make any changes to your share, please notify me Thursday the week before distribution.

Apples: Ela Family Farms is offering us a mixed of Fuji, Granny Smith and Breaburn apples by the 20 pound box for $30.00. They will be delivered on November 14th. Then on December 12th you will have the option to get a 20 pound box of Fuji apples. You can order for one or both deliveries; please be specific about how many boxes you want and if you want them both times! Order by Nov. 5th.

There are eight deliveries over a four month period. The delivery schedule for the first half of winter is as follows: November 1st, November 14th, November 28th and December 12th. We will then take a month off and return delivering produce for the second half of winter as follows: January 9th, January 23rd, February 6th and February 20th.

December 12th is unique in the fact that you will be getting two bags of produce to get you through the month we are off.

Shares Available! Let friends, neighbors and co-workers know we still have shares available; discounted for missed week.

Distribution Center (DC) Info: Keep information about your DC either in your phone or by your home phone. Please call them if there is a problem getting to the DC location during normal hours or you need to make arrangements to hold your produce or pick up another day. If you need to cancel your share completely or for the week, call me at the above number. Please do not send me an email!!!

Payment Schedule: For those of you who chose to make monthly payments; please make sure your payments are received by the 15th of each month. Those of you who chose to make payments in thirds; your second payment is due November 15th.

Newsletter/Bags: We use these bags over and over so it is important you return them every week. Newsletters will not go out with every delivery, not much to say. Besides, I send out monthly newsletters to the entire membership. A list of produce will be on the blog each time, so check it out!

Newsletter – October 9, 2018

Dear Friends of the Farm;

This is week 18 out of an 18 week season. You should get Yukon Gold Potatoes, yellow cooking onions, turnips, garlic, bell peppers, Canario peppers, jalapeno peppers, green tomatoes, Black Beauty tomatoes, red popcorn and celery.

The green and black tomatoes will continue to ripen on your counter, but it may take up to a week or two depending on how warm your home is (considering the current cold temps outside). Green tomatoes are excellent fried. Slice then cover with flour; dip into a beaten egg then place into a second mixture of ½ flour & ½ cornmeal. Now sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika (can add to flour/ cornmeal mixture) and fry until golden brown. Eat as hors d’oeuvres or in a BLT.

Our celery is pretty potent; you may not like eating this raw. But it is fantastic in soups, stews and stir-fry’s. Anything you put this into, you are going to know there is celery in it! The leaves are wonderful dried and kept for later use during the winter. I simply wash any sand off then place on a paper plate and air dry until crisp, crumble & store in a jar.

2018 Review: May and June are our biggest months for planting new crops; both by seed and by transplant. They were also two of the hottest months Colorado has seen…possibly record breakers! Keeping things watered and alive was difficult. We had record breaking weather through the middle of July with many days/weeks hitting 100 degrees or more. It was difficult to germinate seeded crops and is the reason you did not get any green beans and only a few weeks of corn this summer. It is also the reason muskmelon was picked for the first time in our lives at the end of June! Most of our summer crops came on four weeks earlier than crops we used to pick in the 1990’s. Then we had a small lull in production in September because it cooled off so much in August and delayed the ripening process. But of course, it warmed right back up in September and we had a wonderful ending to the season with fresh, wonderfully sweet, corn!

Fundraiser update: We are nearing the end of our fundraiser through Gofundme. We will keep this open through the end of the month. All donations of $100-$149 will automatically be entered into the drawing for a free Winter Share. (Just as a reminder, Winter Distribution begins Nov. 1st and we still have shares available!) Donations of $150 or more will also be entered to win a free Summer Share for 2019! We will draw our winners for the Winter Share on the 21st and the Summer Share on the 28th. Please remember, any amount helps and we are so grateful for your support. If every member were to donate just $21, we would meet and/or exceed our goal of $14,000. Visit our Gofundme page to learn more.

The first 25 members who donated to the Gofundme account will receive a hat or t-shirt this week through the Distribution Center. Thank you again for all your help in raising funds for the no-till planter!

Goodbye and thank you! Feeding people is our passion. We are committed to providing the best tasting organic produce you have ever eaten. We have fed thousands of people and donated thousands of pounds of produce to people & communities around Northern Colorado throughout the years. We have never done anything so important or made us as happy. Thank you for being a part of this! We love you all and appreciate your support more than ever! We cannot exist without our members; who happen to be the most passionate people about supporting local farming and eating organic produce. We are looking forward to being your farmers in 2019. Have a wonderful, restful winter and think of us when you pull out vegetables from the freezer.

Jerry, Jacquie, Kyle and Crew