Calling All Members

We are calling on all members within earshot of this blog to help plant these next two Saturdays. (5/9 and 5/16) The bad weather is gone and we could really use your help!

Jerry was able to find a small amount of labor and has so far already planted over 50% of the crops. It is getting late however, and now there is some urgency to finish planting or else our season will be pushed back significantly. Nobody wants that! We want to remind everyone that being part of a CSA means that the farmer and consumer UNITE with the common goal of growing the best produce for our bodies. So let’s unite at the farm and put this future food in the ground.


Here’s the plan:

Working and non-working members are encouraged to pick a Saturday (May 9th, or May 16th), and pick a time (8am, or 1pm).

Call or e-mail working member Lorna Carnhan: (303) 593-1754

Tell Lorna if you are coming on the 9th or the 16th, and 8am or 1pm, then arrive at your scheduled time.

We’ve had some difficulty over the last 3 saturdays with weather but the next 2 Saturdays will be beautiful AND conducive to productive planting! IT’S THAT TIME, GUYS! The sun is out, the seeds have sprouted and we need your help to get all of this into the ground and get it growing! So again, call or e-mail Lorna. Let her know your preference of May 9th or 16th, and 8am or 1pm… AND WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE FARM!


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