Seed Saving and Help for the Harvest Festival!

How sweet it is!  This week’s share brought the much-talked-about Moon and Stars watermelon!  I’m so excited to dive into this beautiful heirloom melon!  This is my second year on the farm, and although we didn’t have these last year, the Monroe’s have grown them before and I’ve heard a lot about them.  This melon is B-E-A-utiful!  With a perfect thump!  I can’t wait to cut it up to get our first taste! 

Jerry and Jacquie ask that you save seeds from this dark green (flecked with yellow “stars”) beauty.  The best way to do that is to rinse the seeds and let them dry on a paper towel.  Then put them in an envelope and seal (not in a plastic bag – lest they mold!).  You can then send the seeds back to the Monroe’s for next year’s crop!  Delish!

The Harvest Festival is about two and a half weeks away, and there are quite a few spots left to volunteer to help with!  Jacquie mentioned that we specifically need help in the morning with setting up at 8am, and we need some “Master Grillers” to take on the grill station.  The morning volunteers would be in charge of helping set up tables & tents with Jerry, as well as chopping produce for all of the members to nosh on.  The Grillers will take on shifts cooking meat (burgers and dogs).  If you are the man or woman for one of these jobs, please call Jacquie directly at the farm: (970) 284-7941

Also, as a reminder, Jacquie needs your RSVP for the Festival so she can get a good count on burgers, hot dogs and other goodies for the Festival.  Please call her and let her know how many adults and kids are coming!  RSVP by the 15th please! 

Jacquie also mentioned today, that the Saturday volunteer opportunities would be available again in September.  Please watch for the exact dates in this week’s newsletter! 


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