Dark Days

While many think of spring as a time of rebirth, for those of us trying to eat seasonally from the bounty of the farm, spring marks the time when we are sadly missing our weekly distribution of fresh produce. Why not use this as a time to work your way through the refrigerator and freezer in preparation for spring? Here are some tips to make it through the dark days until we are rewarded with the first harvest from the farm this summer.

  • Did you freeze vegetables last summer? Now is the time to make sure you’re using them up. Frozen vegetables work well in soups and stews as well as stir fry dishes.
  • Use frozen squash (summer or winter) and zucchini to make zucchini bread.
  • Not sure how to use some vegetables? Puree them together into a soup and garnish with some herbs and cheese.
  • If you purchased meat from the farm, take stock of what’s left and make weekly menu plans that help you use it.

Perhaps the most dramatic way to approach this time of year is to commit to a full month of eating only from what you have on hand – working your way through everything in your pantry, freezer and refrigerator is a great way to “spring clean” the kitchen, will save on grocery bills, and ensures that you use food when it’s fresh and avoid waste. Before you know it, the dark days will be over and we’ll be celebrating the first harvest!


One response to “Dark Days

  1. We also do a winter share and I am so thankful to still have some potatoes and carrots and cabbages in my fridge. I am anxious to pick that first asparagus, though!

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