Contribute to the Blog!

We are excited to use the new blog as a way to get to know other members and create an online community for our CSA!

And we are looking for contributors!

Do you have a green thumb? Want to share what it’s like running a distribution center? Love being a working member? Are you an expert canner or excellent cook? Super thrifty or handy around the house? Have a funny story, great idea or quick tip? Do you love to write or have a great snapshot of your farm share?

Then contribute to the Monroe Blog!!!

We are looking for farm members willing to write posts or share pictures on the following topics:

-Farm Work
-How you use or what your love about your share (summer, winter, meat or
-Food Storage & Preserving
-The Harvest Festival
-Home Gardening
-Saving Money

If you have something to share, please submit your posts and farm/produce pictures to Anisa at aschell13(at) along with a short bio about yourself, including a picture of yourself and/or your family. We’d be happy to post a link to your own blog along with your post as well.

If you’d like to be a regular contributor (submitting two or more posts per month), please contact one of our blog admins, Michele at michele(at) or Anisa at aschell13(at)

Do you have a blog that you’d like added to our blogroll? Send us the link!


3 responses to “Contribute to the Blog!

  1. I just finished using my frozen green peppers last night in a shrimp stir fry. I also used some of the garlic and leeks I still had from the winter share. Oh I can’t wait till the farmers markets begin in a few weeks so I can continue supporting local farmers.

  2. Have you been in touch with Gretchen Kurtz, author of the blog? She is a farm member and terrific food writer who provides fantastic and timely recipe ideas…

  3. I would be interested in writing about green cleaners that save money too! Have a great day!
    please check out my giveaway at

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