Monthly Archives: May 2010

Our Cookbook is in the News!

I just picked up the spring edition of Edible Front Range and was pleasantly surprised to see that editor Lynne Eppel included a short piece up front in the Edible Notables section about the new cookbook from the farm. It’s a nice plug for the farm and will hopefully help us sell more copies so we can provide more free farm shares to families in need.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet you can put an order in with Jacquie and the cookbooks will be distributed with the first harvest shares in June.

~posted by Michele Morris of Cooking with Michele


What to Grow at Home

It’s planting time in Colorado, and if you’re like most CSA members, you might be wondering just what makes sense to grow in your own garden so that you don’t duplicate the produce you’ll be receiving from the farm. First consult the Summer Produce guide from Monroe to make sure you are familiar with the crops the farm grows. Then create a garden plan that works for your family. Here’s my plan Continue reading