Garlic and Turnips and Peas – Oh My!

It’s here!  Our first share of the season!

I was so excited to open my bag to discover what goodies lay in store this week.  I know it’s still early in the season, so I was thrilled to see three heads of garlic, a big bag of spring peas, a head of lettuce and a bunch of turnips way down at the bottom.

Sometimes when I get my share home, things are a bit droopy or wilted.  But I know a great trick for perking them right back up.  So when emptied the bag last night, I put my lettuce and turnips (greens and all) into the sink, and covered them all with ice water.  I let them soak that way overnight, and this morning the tops of the turnips are crisp and the lettuce is revived.  Also, lots of the dirt that was on them had settled down into the bottom of the sink.  A good cold soak is a revival and a pre-wash, all in one.

Then I removed the turnip tops and set them aside for tonight’s dinner (I love turnip greens!) and put the turnips and the lettuce in the high humidity drawer of my fridge.  The peas are in the other drawer.  Some of those will be cooked, some will become snacks, and some will go on top of a salad.

At our house, the garlic gets rubbed off outside, sometimes with the help of the hose if needed.  Once I get the dirt off, we trim off the tops and save the bulbs in a drawer.  We don’t usually refrigerate them – we eat them way too fast for that.

What about you?  How do you process your share for the week?  Do you wash everything the first day, or wash as you go?  Where do you store your veggies to help them last the week?  Do you have a good use for garlic tops or a yummy pea recipe to share?

posted by Anisa from the Schell Urban Homestead


5 responses to “Garlic and Turnips and Peas – Oh My!

  1. I love summer. It was like being a kid at Christmas. What will Santa bring next?

  2. Awesome! Although I wish I’d seen this yesterday, this will be helpful in the future. I was wondering how to revive all of that stuff. Definitely looking forward to seeing if someone posts recipes for turnips and/or peas. I need ideas fast!

  3. I usually slack a bit and I am always amazed at the revival of the lettuce. I love how something so wilted and seemingly wasted can be enlivened with just water and time. The simple joys : )

    -reposted from facebook

  4. I empty the bag on the front porch to get all the dirt out and then brush off more if I can. I wash what will be eaten in the next day or so. Whatever won’t be used soon is stored in recycled ziplock bags. Most everything goes in the fridge if there’s room, later in the summer things go on ice in a cooler. Late August and September Wednesdays are scheduled as food processing days, more later about that.
    I don’t usually soak the lettuce until the night before I am ready to use it. The wetter it is, the quicker it spoils. Sometime my summer weekdays are too busy to cook but it never last past the weekend. And we never get enough peas to cook, all are snacked on before we get a chance! The turnips, greens and all go in the BlendTec for my morning vegetable drink. Looking forward to more ideas on this blog – what do folks do with Garlic tops?!!?

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