Overabundance of Greens

Even if you are a savvy gardener and cook, there will be times during this harvest season, I promise you, that you will be overrun with greens! It happened to me this week when I tried to harvest my Swiss chard before heading off to Ireland on Monday. You’re looking at an entire 30″ wide, very deep, farm-house sink that’s filled to the brim with Swiss chard! If you find yourself in this position, here’s a plan that works:

1. Soak the greens overnight in ice water in the sink. This will help remove dirt and crisp them up. Drain and spin dry or shake dry.

2. Strip the leaves from the tough stems and discard the stems.

3. Working in batches that a large stock pot will accommodate, add the greens to the pot with a little olive oil over medium high to high heat. Cook until they wilt down, using tongs to turn the greens in the pot.

4. Drain cooked greens into a strainer, pressing out excess liquid. At this point you can package the greens to freeze (think quantities along the lines of a box of spinach) or use them in another dish.

I like making tarts with greens – here’s my recipe for Swiss Chard Tart that I posted today on my blog. Make two big tarts if you have the greens (and the eggs like I did!), cut into single servings when cool and wrap in plastic wrap, then freeze. To heat frozen pieces, either microwave or heat in the oven.

posted by Michele of Cooking with Michele


2 responses to “Overabundance of Greens

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just wanted to add that my husband and I discovered you can also eat the stems of swiss chard separately! We have an abundance of it in our home garden as well, and as we processed it, we set aside the stems. We roasted them like asparagus, and also grilled some of them–they were wonderful! Just add a litte oil, s & p and it’s yummy 🙂

  2. We also eat the stems. They are great sauteed, or chopped celery style in soups, salads, rice dishes, etc.

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