Newsletter – July 6

Dear Friends,

Happy 4th of July! We hope everyone had a safe and excitingly fun holiday.

We had a good start to the season, but things are going to slow down a bit. You will notice that crops will be late from now on. . . I think! We had to replant several crops due to freezing, too much rain or hail last May. However, with the heat we have had and (we hope) will continue to have, things have a way of catching up! New this week are slicing cucumbers. Pickles will be on soon. I can start taking names & numbers of those members who would like to pick pickling cucumbers. Give me a call and leave a message if you do not get a hold of me directly. I will call you back when I know there are pickles to be had! I never know when Jerry may come in and say… “you can get four people out to pick…”

Hurray! We are getting cherries this week! News from First Fruit in Palisade is that this will be a low fruit year. They had a lot of late spring frost in May and some penny size hail. It hurt them quite a bit, but they still think they can meet our needs for the summer. You will be getting cherries only once this year. Darn! Last year was so bountiful, we got them three times! They need our support this year…that’s why you are in Community Supported Agriculture. Farmers need your support in the bad years as well as the good!! So put in a good word to the good Lord above for them!

It is time to reserve the third Sunday in September (the 19th) for the Harvest Festival! This is a great time of year to celebrate the season with a food, family and friends of the farm. There will be a hayride to the pumpkin patch, u-pick veggies and other activities. Advisory Group Members are looking into fun games and other activities for the Festival. It will be fun, it is a must do, you won’t regret it, you will go home happy & exhausted! What can I say. . . We work hard and we play hard around here!

An easy way to get your information about each week is to visit our friendly farm blog. Anisa Schell is very good at giving a members’ birds-eye view about the veggies you will be getting. You can visit the blog by going to our website, click on Community Info, then click on Visit the new Monroe Farm Blog. I will be getting the information this week on who wants a hard copy of the newsletter, who wants to visit the blog directly on their own time and who wants an email reminder with a direct link to the blog. I hope to have this up and running by next week!

We will be starting Farmers markets soon, (if we haven’t already). We could use some help on Saturday in Boulder, Longmont and Cherry Creek; Sunday at Ft. Collins. We can offer a Working a Membership. Depending on the market you choose to attend, we will need you every other weekend on the Saturday markets and just about every Sunday in Ft. Collins (they have fewer hours). Please contact me at the above phone number if you are interested in becoming a Working Member at a Farmers Market! We will work out the details with you personally!

Thank you and have a great week!

Jacquie, Alaina, Kyle and Jerry


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