Newsletter: July 13, 2010

Dear Friends of the Farm,

The weather is holding out! No bad storms out this way, but many have blown past us. Pour Ft. Morgan. Every storm that have past us have hit them hard. I really don’t know how anyone is farming over there this summer!

New this week is broccoli and Patty Pan summer squash! If your broccoli is wilted when you get it, please place it in a cool sink of water; they will return with a flourish! Our broccoli and cauliflower will be very strong tasting to you. Just like everything else on the farm…it will have more flavor. One in which you may not be accustomed. For easier digestion, do not eat raw, steam or boil for a minute and a half; fully cooked – 5 minutes or to taste.

Patty Pan squash can be either white or yellow. They are round and disked shape. They just happen to be my favorite! I cube them and stir-fry then with a ton of onion and garlic. I like to add dill weed, Italian spices or plain ol’ salt and pepper. Makes a nice dish when peppers and carrots come on and added to it!

Several of you purchased hanging flower baskets from us last spring. I understand they are starting to get leggy and are not a full bushy pot anymore. This means you are long past due to pinching back the petunias and the baskets need a good fertilizer every week from now on. Pinching back the petunias will make them grow new branches at a leaf. The more you pinch back, the bushier the basket will become. We used vining petunias instead of bush petunias thinking they would make a pretty basket with long flowering vines. We will experiment with using both next year!

Please do not forget to notify your Distributor when you will be out of town; especially if someone will be getting your produce for you while you are gone. They will be expecting a name and phone number for reference.

Jerry is seeding the 7th or 8th planting of corn and beans today. I bet you didn’t know that in order to get beans and corn every week, it has to be planted every week; cucumbers and summer squash are planted every three weeks; your melons and tomatoes are planted three times a year and potatoes, beets and carrots twice a year.

Have a great week!

Jacquie, Kyle, Alaina and Jerry


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