Newsletter: July 20, 2010

Dear Friends,

This week you are getting New Red Potatoes, Sweet White Onions, White Turnips, Red Beets, White Cauliflower, Slicing Cucumbers, Pickling Cucumbers, a mixture of Squash, Yellow or Green Beans and Garlic.

I have mentioned before that our broccoli and cauliflower will be a new experience for you. Believe me when I tell you, you want to cook this at least a little bit before eating! The cauliflower will be very flavorful and will not taste anything like what you have gotten from the grocery store. I tend to cook mine until tender to a fork, adding a little salt the last two or three minutes. You will find nine exciting recipes in our cookbook to aid you in your meal planning!

I know I requested names and phone numbers of members who want to pick pickling cucumbers. You will get a chance to do this! But for right now, Jerry feels he doesn’t have as many crops on as he would like. So, he will be giving out what pickling cucumbers we have to the entire membership to eat, rather than a few members to pickle. We do have another field coming on in a week or two! Hang in there; you will get your phone call!

Everyone who still owes the farm money for their shares should have gotten a statement by now. We will need half of your total paid by the end of the month or a $15 late payment fee will be added for every month we do not get paid. Please contact us if you need another copy sent to you. I do not check email this time of year. I am not in the house long enough! So please call and leave a message. I now have an answering service as well as an answering machine. We should not miss any messages and you should always be able to get through!

We have three payments made over the last few months that are not connected to any members. We only have a last name and an amount. If you can identify any of these folks; I need a phone call to clear up these accounts. $400 was paid by Bates, $178 was paid by Coy and $255 was paid by Simpson. I will need a check number verification before I transfer these payments to a members account. I will also need an explanation as to why they are paying your fees.

Unless we pick squash and cucumbers every day, (especially when the weather gets hot) they will get big on us. So it is time to get creative with these veggies, scoop out the seeds and make “boats” out of them! A cool and refreshing lunch can be made with tuna salad or chicken salad stuffed cucumbers. Zucchini Boats are simply stuffed with bell pepper stuffing and baked until the squash is soft. Yum! What else can you think of to stuff cucumbers and squash? You would be surprised how many recipes transfer to each other. Start to experiment and see what you can come up with!

Try to keep cool this week!

Jacquie, Jerry, Kyle and Alaina


2 responses to “Newsletter: July 20, 2010

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