Newsletter: Harvest Festival Details!

Dear Friends of the Farm,

Wow! We have an exciting week ahead of us! This Sunday is the Harvest Festival and we have wonderful goodies to start the week with. You will be getting Yukon Gold potatoes, red onions, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, summer squash, orange and red peppers, green beans, tomatoes, muskmelon and orange honeydew. New this week will be White sweet corn and banana peppers. Banana peppers are another variety of sweet pepper. Use them as you would the other sweet peppers. This is a honey week, so those of you who get honey monthly will be getting that this week.

Festival news:
Peg Lehr at 303-329-8506 still needs your RSVP if you plan on attending this Sunday from 11 to 3. Everyone needs to check in when they arrive at the farm and get a name tag. It is a potluck; please plan on bringing a dish twice as much as you would normally feed your family. We will have two games available to play in the front yard; Bean Bag Milk Bottle Collision and Milk Jug Bean Bag Toss. We ask that after playing each game, you set it up for the next person to play. Don’t forget to have your little ones bring a stick horse for the Stick Horse judging and horse race.

We will have the Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch. For those of you who are new, we do not deliver jack-o-lanterns to the Distribution Centers. The only way you will be getting a pumpkin is at the Festival. The Apple Press will be there for all to see and get a small taste of the excellent, fresh squeezed apple cider. We ask that everyone bring a bag of apples to be pressed. Many varieties make excellent cider! You have the opportunity to take a Self-Tour of the farm. It is a guide that walks you through the farmyard.

There will be a couple of u-pick items this year. Please bring one one-gallon container for Roma Tomato picking. You can pick up to one tray of anaheims and half a tray of pablanos. The Chili Roaster will be set up for you. Please be patient; it takes time to roast each tray and there will be a line! Chili Roasters are expensive and we are lucky to have one. We have only had this piece of equipment for the last 3 or 4 years. If you do not want to wait in line, they can be roasted on your grill at home. It will cost $5 per tray to roast, weather it is full or not.

We cannot run this Festival without our Volunteers. Please plan on helping out with any of the simple jobs still available. There are time slots available at the Check in Station from 2 to 3pm and a Master Griller position from 1 to 2pm and again at 2 to 3pm. Is there anyone willing to sit at the Canning Corner from 1 to 3pm? Show members your equipment and be available to answer questions? It would also be fun to have additional canning entries for the jelly/jam judging. Canning entries need to be at the Canning Corner no later than 11am.

It is our intention to provide this Festival as our way of saying thank you for being members of Monroe Organic Farms. Hopefully, you will see how much we care about you and this is our way of showing it! We want you to feel welcomed and at home. Feel free to explore, but be careful. Children cannot play on equipment. They really cannot hurt the equipment. But if they fall just right; they can be severely injured by the piece of equipment they are play on! Please keep kids away from the deep ponds throughout the farm.

Directions to the Farm
From Denver, the Western Slope or Pueblo:
I-25 North to I-76 East. As you continue east, don’t panic, you will be driving for a while! Last town you will go through is Hudson. Very next exit is #34 or the Kersey Rd. Take this exit, turn left. Continue north for approximately 16 miles. Turn right at Co Rd 48. You are now on a dirt road. Travel 1½ miles. We are on the left or north side of road. Find house number on mailbox post: 25525.

From Longmont or Lyons:
I-25 North to Highway 66. Take Highway 66 east to Highway 85. Highway 85 North through the towns of Platteville, then Gilcrest. At next grainery, Co Rd 44, turn right heading east. At Co Rd 49, turn left heading north. Travel 2 miles to Co Rd 48, turn right heading east. You are now on a dirt road. Travel 1½ miles to farm on the left or north side of road. House number is on post of mailbox: 25525.

From Loveland and Fort Collins:
Take Highway 34 East through the city of Greeley. Must take Fort Morgan exit to continue east on Highway 34. Approximately miles from this exit to Co Rd 49. Turn right heading south. Travel 4 miles to Co Rd 48, and turn left. You are now on a dirt road. Travel 1½ miles to farm on the left or north side of road. House number is on post of mailbox: 25525.

Other Farm News:
Statements for the 2010 year went out last week. It should show everything you have purchased and all your payments should be noted. If anything does not look right, please give me a call. We will get it straightened out asap! I expect to be paid in full by September 30th. A late fee of $25 will be assessed by Oct 15th for anyone who is not making monthly payments or is not paid in full for their Summer Share.

Winter Storage Share forms went out last week. Please return these forms by October 1st. This gives us time to understand how much we need to store for the winter. We found a Distributor for Broomfield off of Hwy 287 and Miramonte. However, we lost our Distribution Center in Boulder. We need someone with a garage and can help us unload the truck. There is also a need for a Volunteer to man a Winter Distribution Center on the east side of I-25. Please call me if you are interested and wanting more details!

I made an error in reporting the Centennial/ Highlands Ranch Winter location; it will be at University and Clarkson. Winter Distribution will start the first Wednesday in November (the 11th) and will be every other week through February 23rd. Shares are based on a Half Share. I recommend Single Shareholders split a share with a partner. We will give you a $150 discount if you are a Full Shareholder and need to purchase two shares for your household.

We hope to see you at the Festival!

Jacquie, Jerry, Alaina and Kyle


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