Newsletter: September 21, 2010

Dear Friends of the Farm,

We are so happy so many could make it out to the Festival Sunday! We had 140 Memberships and 43 Guests to make a grand total of 736 people. We could not have gotten anywhere without the help of our Volunteers. Set-up was the smoothest I have ever seen. A special thank you goes out to the Festival Committee and to Peg Lehr being the head. The two of us spent a few hours on the phone conversing about the organization of it all. She really took the reins and I didn’t have to be involved in the small detailed stuff. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Jan Coffelt was in charge of the T-shirts. She did a great job in getting that organized. And a special thank you to Peter Richards for coming to our rescue when our t-shirt printer skipped out on us! There were so many Volunteers that brought this whole thing together; I cannot thank them all. It was with their help the Festival ran so smoothly. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Contest Winners!
Allison Richards won the $50 prize and a free t-shirt with her design. I will have t-shirt order forms at all the Distribution Centers if you would like to order one. They cost $12 (including tax) and can be delivered to your Distribution Center. All proceeds go to paying for donated produce to friends and members in need. We have:

Mens: small, medium, large and extra large
Womens: small, medium, large and extra large
Youth: small, medium and large.

Stepahie Winfield won the $15 prize and a 1st place ribbon for her savory onion jam. Noelle Taylor came in second with her rainbow pepper jam and Peg Lehr placed third with her cherry-almond jam. There were a total of 8 entries which included Myrna Fielder’s plum jelly, Davee Jo Bunting peach jam, Valerie Wilson’s apple-cranberry jam, Jill Pries’s mixed fruit jam and Ann Cuthbertson’s strawberry jam. Judges were from our Cookbook Committee; Michelle Morris, Michelle Schiavone and Kathy Flanders. Samples were left out for those who would like to taste the jams and jellies in the afternoon. Congratulations to our winners and thank you for entering the contest!

Games & Entertainment!
We had three new games this year: The Yowling Cats; where you had to knock off the cats that sat on top of the “fence”. Then we had metal milk bottles that you could knock down and toss balls into milk jugs. But the big one everyone had fun participating and watching was the Stick Horse Races. The kids have fun and everyone got a ribbon! But to tell you the truth; I think the adults had even more fun watching the little ones on their “horses”. We also had the hayrides to the pumpkin patch. Jerry ran the hayrides and everyone who wanted a pumpkin was able to get one. That tractor didn’t stop from 11:oo until 3:oo!

The chili roaster is the hardest thing to do at the farm. After a little brainstorming with a couple of Core Group Members, we may have a way to make this easier next year so that you will not have to wait in line for so long. We will experiment with it and let you know next summer!

Teardown was a cinch with everyone’s help. We didn’t have very many people pre-volunteer for this, but anyone who was around at the end of the day pitched in and we had the whole place broken down and cleaned up by 4:oo.

Lost & Found!
We have several items that were left behind. If you recognize any of the below items, let me know and we will send them to your Distribution Center. Please don’t forget to tell me which DC you belong too!

Duffel bag with dishes
2 beautiful pottery serving dishes (on second thought, don’t claim these, I would like to keep!)
1 big baking dish
1 large plastic serving bowl
Lots of serving spoons

My goodness we had a wonderful selection of side dishes this year! (Unlike a couple of years ago where we had nothing but potatoes! Oh well, I guess that’s the way it goes!) I would like everyone to submit your recipe to Michelle Morris for a new cookbook we will be putting together. Some of those dished looked absolutely delicious! Please share your recipe at! We started grilling at 10:30 and never stopped. For the first time, we didn’t get too far behind with hamburgers and hot dogs. Next year we will have those of you who want veggie burgers to go over to the grillers right away. You will need to inform them you want the veggie burger so it can be cooked. We ended up with a lot of extra veggie burgers!

All in all it was a fabulous day; the weather was perfect, not too warm or cold, (unlike our freezing yesterday!) Thank you for participating!

Jacquie, Jerry, Alaina and Kyle


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