Dear Members,

Produce: Last week we teased your palate with a mixture of light produce; a little damaged from hail, but delicious all the same! This week you will be getting Yukon Gold potatoes, garlic, new white onions, red turnips, red kohlrabi, squash, broccoli, mustard-type lettuce, freckled romaine & a head lettuce. Kohlrabi is in the cabbage family and can be used raw and grated in salads, sliced in stir-fries or it is delicious cubed & sautéed with your summer squash or boiled alone in a little salted water. The garlic is so fresh right now you do not need to “skin” it; just chop all up and cook. Whenever we leave the leaves on any produce, you can eat them. Turnip greens are really good in a stir-fry when added and wilted just before serving.

Cookbooks & Internet: I was hoping to give you your cookbooks this week, but my internet is down (I have so many problems with that stupid thing) and I have not heard when they will be sending those from the printer. This reminds me; please do not email me during the summer. I know it is very convenient for you, but the internet does not work as well for me out here in the country. I believe I live in a “dead zone”. If you need to get in touch with me, please call me at the above number.

Bags & egg cartons: As many of you already know, we color code out shares. This makes it easy for us to unload and for you to recognize your share by site. We would like you to return those bags completely empty. (Please shake them out. Do not leave onion skins or leaves in bags.) We will reuse those bags every week until they start to unravel. If your bag is damaged, please throw away, otherwise, please return them to your Distribution Center the following week and exchange your empty bag for a full one! According to the USDA, we can only reuse our own egg cartons. We cannot use them if an egg has been broken inside the carton, so please recycle those and return the clean ones to us.

Prewash veggies: I was reminded by a member to tell you it is a smart idea to prewash your veggies outside in a steel tub or a baby pool. This is a really good way to get your kids into the farm by going over all the produce in the water and letting them decide what is for dinner that night. It also washes off a lot of dirt; keeping it from going down your pipes. We do not wash your produce because if there is any water on it at all, mold will start to appear from the heat. Your produce will last longer if you do not wash it until you use it. But most people do not want that much dirt in their refrigerator!

Newsletter, Blog, Facebook & Yahoo: I need everyone to decide whether they would like to access the newsletter on the blog or get a hard copy from your Distribution Center. Please inform your Distributor and they will pass the info to me. Other ways to stay in contact with other members is through Facebook and through our Yahoo Group. To access the blog or yahoo group, please go to our contact page on the website.

Hail: Thank you for your patience with the produce. Unfortunately, we will see hail damage on different things throughout the year. Your melons will have marks in them, the first planting of cucumbers were completely hailed out and we may see the evidence in other crops down the road. Like I said before, it may not be pretty, but it will taste good!
Jacquie, Jerry, Alaina and Kyle


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