Newsletter – and T-Shirts and Hats!

Dear Friends,

Crops: This week you will be getting new red potatoes, sweet white onions, beautiful white turnips, white or red kohlrabi (or both), fantastic fennel, scrumptious squash, red, green and magenta leaf lettuce and delicious snow peas. Fennel can add some WOW to your coleslaw or salads and several members have told me they lay fennel under or over roasts and fish. I made a fabulous stir-fry with turnips, peas, onion, garlic and squash by adding a sprinkling of oregano and dill weed herbs! Yum!!

Egg Cancellation: I will need a 48 hours notice on any egg cancellation this year. Please call me, do not email me this information. I will not receive it to change the paperwork for the Working Members. Please remember – the internet is spotty here and email is a part of that!

Field Update: Crazy thing weather can be. There were parts of this farm that did not get as much hail as other parts. That is why your early lettuce was a little shredded and the lettuce you see this week and last week looks pretty good! The homeplace (where Jerry’s Dad lives) did not get any hail. Your potatoes, beets, carrots, turnips and some onions are coming from that farm this year. Some crops are starting to recover from the storms and others are still really struggling.

The melons and tomatoes were re-plated two times. To look at these rows of crops really comes across as strange. There are three different size plants all in the same row. The slicing cucumbers and pickles are starting to recover, but there will not be much. I’ll bet you we will not see pickles until August or Sept. if at all. They were just about hailed completely out. Jerry is leaving those that survived to see what will happen. Dried beans were hailed out. This means we will not have those delicacies this winter. The green beans and sweet corn were set back but looks like they have recovered. One thing nice about these two crops, we plant them every week in order to harvest them every week. Just the first 4 plantings were affected!

Produce Fees: You should receive your next statement within the week. Half of your total on your statement is due by July 15th. A $15 late fee will be applied by July 30th if we do not get a timely payment. For those of you who are making monthly payments, please keep doing so!

Cookbooks: I am sorry about the delay in the cookbooks. My timing was obviously off! We will not get those until the end of the month or so. I will get them out to you just as soon as I get them from the printer!

Hats and T-shirts: I just got a notification from the hat maker that the hats are being shipped to me as we speak. I hope to have them in a week or two. (They cannot give me a definitive date at the moment.) I will get a picture of that hat to Michele who updates the blog for me. You will also be able to view the t-shirt on the blog (SEE ABOVE!). It will be redesigned to say 2011 and ‘rooted for 75 years’ and will be printed on a green shirt. We decided to withhold having a t-shirt contest this year because as far as I’m concerned; this one takes first prize for our special 75th anniversary this year! We all need to thank Jamie Yeast for this design! Please find an order form on the back for both items! (NOTE: Print out this blog post if you are receiving the newsletter via the blog to order!)

We hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July!

Jacquie, Jerry, Alaina and Kyle

25525 CR 48 July 3, 2011
Kersey, CO 80644 970-284-7941

All t-shirt and hat proceeds will go into a fund to finance produce donations to families who need health and financial assistance. Thank you for caring about our not so fortunate neighbors! Each item sells for $12 each. T-shirts will be printed when we get a total order number from you our members. We will deliver them to your Distribution Center.

Distribution Center________________________

Monroe Organic Farms 75th Anniversary Hats
How many?___________

Monroe Organic Farms 75th Anniversary T-Shirts
How many and what size?

Small ______
Medium ______
Large ______

Small ______
Medium ______
Large ______
X-Lg ______

Medium ______
Large ______
X-Lg ______
2 XL ______

_____ Hats at $12 __________
_____ T-shirts at $12 _________
Grand TOTAL $___________

I have included check #_________
or Please bill me. _________

Please return by July 22nd!


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