Dear Friends of the Farm,

This week you will be getting Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet yellow onions (some of the sweetest we have ever grown), baby carrots, kohlrabi, summer squash, cucumbers and green beans. The cucumbers and green beans you will be getting are from the first planting that got hailed on three times. You will not be getting very many and this will be the last week you get green beans for awhile. The next four plantings of tender, fragile plants were completely hailed out. We will get beans later in the season and with warm weather, a little luck & no more hail storms, hopefully the later plantings will come on early!Rain, Bugs and Chickens: We are still getting rain just about every night. Some nights we get a light sprinkle, other nights we get a down pour. I know several of you are seeing the same thing in your neighborhoods. With the rain, we are seeing an increase in grasshoppers. It seems these critters can thrive in any atmosphere. They are ferocious during droughts, but seem to be horrible during wet years too. I think we are in for some trouble from these guys. Just like last year, we may have to use our chick-mobile and move some of our chickens around to keep the grasshoppers off the crops; this means lower egg production. Chickens are temperamental. They do not like change of any sorts. So even though they are getting more protein in their diets, just the moving makes them lay less or not at all. In the end, there may be a reduction of eggs leaving the farm and will be reflected in what you receive each week.Volunteer Workdays have been cancelled for the rest of the month. Not enough people are showing up to get large projects done. Those of you who made the effort to come to the farm and give us your all; you will be receiving a credit on your account. It is not a large credit, but everything helps these days. Your credit will coincide with the size share you purchased and the price increase next year. Thank you for your hard work & time shared with the farm.Bean Bags should also need to be returned, not just the large veggie bags. We have purchased these smaller bags at a farm auction. At this time, we have not found a new source for these bags. Once we are out, we will be out! So the return of these bags (without any residue crops inside) is very important!

Your veggie bags will not have the variety we normally would have this time of year. Mother Nature is playing hard ball and we are working with her as best we can! Hang in there, we have a bunch of wonderful crops growing and maturing! Don’t you just love the taste of everything so far?! Jacquie, Jerry, Alaina and Kyle


One response to “Newsletter

  1. The roller coaster of CSA in Colorado is worth the ride. I love my veggies from Monroe.

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