Canning / Jamming Contest Winners!

What a great day for the Harvest Festival yesterday! I was fortunate to be asked to judge the canned foods and jams again this year – and we had a wonderful lineup of entries. The winners were:

First Place – Spiced Red Wine Jelly
Second Place – Raspberry Jam
Third Place – Tomato Preserves

First Place – Sweet Pickle Relish
Second Place – Corn Relish
Third Place – Bread and Butter Pickles (labeled B&B on top)

If these were your entries, we would love if you would share your recipes for to be posted on the blog. If you know who made any of these, please get me their names and contact info.

Congratulations to the winners!


One response to “Canning / Jamming Contest Winners!

  1. Hi! I entered the spiced red wine jelly – I’ll find the recipe and get it to you soon-ish!

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