Newsletter: July 2, 2012

Dear Members,

This week you are getting New Red Potatoes, white onions, summer squash, golden beets, cucumbers, white cauliflower and green beans. Full Shareholders will get cheddar cauliflower and Tuesday Distribution Members will get the first picking of muskmelon!

Cookout: The July 22nd cookout is filled to the max with 20 reservations. Thank you for joining us that day. It should be fun! A menu will be created when we get closer to that date and see what is being harvested. I’m sure Mary Collett Rogers will have something wonderful for us to prepare that afternoon!

Jacquie’s Soap Box: So tell me. For those of you who have been here since the 1970’s…when was the last time you saw it rain just about every day for an entire month; like in June 2011 & 12? (Meanwhile Texas just about burned up in the worst drought on record.) How about a March without snow? Do you remember it being over 100 degrees in June for an entire week? And it is reported that scientist do not believe in global warming. I can tell you that true scientists do believe in global warming; they just do not agree on how it is being created. Whether or not you believe it is created by man does not interest me at all. Do you really want the earth to fall apart simply because you don’t want to change? Do we really want to wait to prove the point?

My whole thought on this is why wait. The world needs to work together to reduce our carbon footprint. It was reported in Scientific American in April of 2012 that the disaster risk is going up in every nation on the planet. Governments are not prepared for a multiple disasters nationwide. The United States alone suffered 55 billion dollars in disaster related incidences last year. Of which there were 14 extreme weather events that caused over 1 billion dollars of damage each.

It is believed that this phenomenon is not going away and some places may become uninhabitable. For instance; small islands and large coastal cities are threatened by rising sea levels. Places already under stress from weather related problems will be pushed over the edge. Some of those areas that already experience heat waves or heavy rains will get more frequent, more intense and longer droughts, rains, hurricanes and tornadoes. We will see more record breaking reports of those “100/500/1000 year” droughts and floods. They will occur more often and they are expected to be ‘the worst in history’.

Don’t expect farmers to ‘save’ water in reservoirs for recreation when we are in drought conditions. Those precious resources were created not for recreation but for irrigation purposes (and more recently municipalities are buying up those water rights). You will see most reservoirs dry after this horrible summer heat if we do not get some help from Mother Nature.

Do we really want to argue what is causing this? Or do we want to be proactive and try to swing things in the other direction. Especially since we know that our carbon footprint is not helping the matter at all. Let’s all take a stand. Demand HOA’s to stop requiring front lawns and no clotheslines. Reduce our driving and demand better gas mileage in our cars. Say to yourself…What can I do? There is so much more to say about this…but I’m getting hot under the collar and it is raising the temperature in the house! Thank you for listening!

Jacquie, Jerry, Kyle and Alaina


5 responses to “Newsletter: July 2, 2012

  1. That’s quite a rant, thanks Jacqui. I guess i’d better go and turn off my sprinkler.

  2. YO, We have to go against the crowd right now. One day, the masses will catch on. I hope that day comes soon enough.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Jacquie! One big thing we can do is to tell our reps that we want to see alternative energy projects. Solar, wind. They don’t create carbon emissions.

  4. Amen! Thank you for growing our food in this new and changing environment! Another thing we can do is water less at our own homes.

  5. I’m with you Jacquie! Xeriscaping, biking to work or using public transportation (instead of driving), buying locally are a few things we all can do which, together, can make a big difference.

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