Newsletter: July 23, 2012

Dear Friends of the Farm,

This week you are getting red potatoes, yellow carrots, Chioggia beets, summer squash, cucumbers, Globe eggplant, green beans, tomatoes, purple peppers, muskmelon and red & yellow watermelon. You got a couple of the yellow carrots last week to sample. Hope you like them! They are supposed to be light, sweet & delicious. Use them as you would your regular orange carrots. There is a new summer squash that is starting to produce called Zephyr. It is mild (like your straight neck) with a green butt and it has a slight nutty taste to it. I love this squash! Use it like all the others! The Chioggia beet is an Italian beet. Depending on how you cut it, it can look like it has candy stripes or a bull’s eye. These are very sweet beets. Cook as you would red beets. (Roasting keeps the flavor, nutrients and color intact.) Some of you may get a new tomato we are trying this year. It is called Black Velvet. It is not a large tomato but it packs a punch! Tomatoes are just starting to develop ~ so watch for more to come! Our purple peppers are our earliest peppers. They can be light purple to dark purple in color with a touch of light green. Bring on the ratatouille!

Celery, broccoli & cauliflower: I understand several of you did not know how to handle the celery from last week. It can be used in stir-fries, soups, roasts, salads or any recipe that calls for celery. All three can be eaten raw, just remember they will be stronger than what you are used to. Everything we grow will have much more taste than anything you purchase in the store! This is how these crops are supposed to taste…we just have to retrain our taste buds! Cooking helps to mellow out the strong taste.

Fruit: You are getting Lambert cherries from 100 year old trees. Everyone who ordered extra boxes of apricots will get them this week. They are also from very old trees. I am sorry to inform you that only fruit shareholders are entitled to extra fruit. This was my mistake in informing the DC’s on how to proceed with the offer and orders. If you get a box of apricots, the DC will give me your name and I will add an invoice to your statements and those will go out by the end of next week. Some of the apricots may need a day or two of additional ripening before use!

Bags: Don’t forget to return your bean bags as well as your produce bags. We reuse everything! It helps us greatly if you make sure everything has been removed from the bag and it is kept dry and clean. Please keep your bean and produce bags separate when you give them to your Distributor.

Cooking Class Social: We had an amazing evening! Too bad everyone could not join us. We started in the kitchen washing and trimming produce. This took about an hour then we went into the back yard and Mary Collette Rogers went through the menu: grilled pork steaks with beet relish, grilled patty pan squash, Chinese green beans, and garlic french fries. Within the hour the sun went behind clouds and we had a semi-cool evening to cook in. Everyone learned something from Mary as well as each other. Including some Italian! Nedra San Fillipo helped us with the pronunciation of the Chioggia beet (kee-o-jia). Both the conversation and wine flowed smoothly. I do believe everyone had a great time. We will do this again next year!

Dear farm friends in Aurora: I say, with my heart in my throat, my shock and sorrow for what your town is going through. This is a terrible tragedy and we want to support you any way we can. Your town folk will be in our prayers and good thoughts are being sent your way.

Jacquie, Jerry, Kyle and Alaina Monroe


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