Newsletter: July 30, 2012

Dear Friends,

This is week 9 and we are half way through our season!  This week you will receive Yukon Gold potatoes; red onions; white carrots; green cabbage; slicing, pickling & lemon cucumbers; Globe eggplant; green beans; green & purple peppers; yellow sweet corn; muskmelon; gourmet honeydew and tomatoes.  You may possibly get one of the following heirloom tomatoes which are just now starting to mature:  Brandywine, Black Velvet and Golden Globe.

I have recently been informed by members the cucumbers have been bitter.  We believe this is caused by the heat or possibly because the cucumber patch is old.  Removing the skins of the cucumber will solve the problem.  Jerry wants you to know that we are now picking in a new patch and he is watering as much as we possibly can.  We are hoping they will be much better this week!

Don’t be fooled by the roots that look like parsnips or a radish.  They are actually white carrots.  Their taste will be milder than your orange carrots.

There will be no fruit this week for our Fruit Shareholders…but there will be a nice surprise next week!

Please Note:  Dani tells me we have received a payment from a J. Troy in April that we cannot attach to anyone in our membership.  We figured someone would have called and told us their share had been paid and this would have all worked out by now!  Does this belong to anyone?  If you can verify what was paid I will credit your account.

Recent Water News:  The farm received a letter from the irrigation company.  They believe there will be enough water to get us through the middle of September.  However, if we continue to get these extremely high temperatures, this may change.  Something we don’t even think about is the amount of evaporation off of the surface of lakes.  On a normal year, we lose 25 acre feet per day, and this year we are losing 45 acre feet of water per day to evaporation!  A letter will be sent out at the end of the month to keep us informed of any changes.

Jerry tells me that that even though he makes several planting of the same crops throughout the season (so we can have them every week); he still expects to harvest about everything because everything is coming on sooner than normal.  We still expect a full 18 week season.  Your share just may look a little different in the end.

Blog:  I know the blog has not been as consistent as usual.  The member who normally posts the newsletter to the blog has been ill and has had several surgeries.  Please keep in mind the farm is run by a small staff of employees and Member Volunteers.  We are not a huge corporation with several employees with many titles and positions.  Paper copies are always available at your Distribution Center.  If you would like to get one, please inform your DC!

Festival:  We are looking forward to our gathering on September 16th for a beautiful day of fun on the farm!  Hours will be 11am to 4pm.  We need to know who will be attending this event so that we know how much inventory we need to purchase.  You must RSVP to this event!  Please do so no later than Sept 7th.  Contact Peg Lehr at or by phone at 303-329-8506.  We will need to know if you are vegetarian and how many people are in your family; adults/kids.  We do not encourage people from outside the membership to join us for the festival.  This is our Thank You to you for being members.  If you do bring guests, it will be $10 a person, adult and children alike.  We will also need to know how many adults/kids and whether or not they are vegetarian.  A return reply will not be given to your RSVP.


  • There will be a pot-luck style lunch.  We will provide utensils, drinks, hot dogs and hamburgers, plus all the extras that go with them.  We will need you to bring a side dish or dessert.  Please double the amount you would normally feed your family.
  • There will be a few carnival style booths for children & adults!
  • There will be a Canning Booth to help you with your canning questions.  We will also hold a jam/jelly contest and a pickle contest.  Please bring down you best jar and let us see how it stands up to our judges views!  There will be a small prize for the winners!
  • If you are interested in a hat or cookbook they will be available to purchase at the Festival.
  • We will have our annual Stick Horse Race for all horse lovers.  We encourage you to make your horse and enter your steed into the race.  Prizes will be awarded for best dressed horse and the winners of the races.  We will start out with a parade and then the races begin!
  • A Self-Tour of the farm will be available.  Loaded with a map and directions, you can explore the buildings on the farm; see animals and the farmland itself.
  • If you are interested in picking a few crops, we normally have a list of U-pick crops for canning and freezing at the check –in station.  You will need a decent pair of shoes for picking crops (flip flops are not recommended)!
  • We hope the Belgium mules will make it to the festival again this year for a field demonstration.  I really want you to see how farming was done with animals when Jerry’s Dad was a kid!
  • We will have an old fashioned apple press available.  We ask every family to bring a bag of apples to press; the more varieties, the better the cider.  Everyone will be able to get a small glass of cider to try!

Volunteers for festival:  I know several of you are anxiously waiting for a time in which you can volunteer on the farm.  Now is your chance!  The Festival will need several people to help keep it running smoothly!  Hopefully you have taken the time to discuss the different activities & what you would be able to do individually or as a family to help during the Festival.  Please contact Peg Lehr about volunteering! or 303-329-8506.

Here is a list of all the jobs that need volunteers:

  • Set Up and Produce Choppers:  as many as we can get & we start at 8am!
  • Check-In Station:  two people every hour – 11 to 3:00
  • “Master” Grillers:  two people every shift – 10:30 to 12; 12 to 1:30 and 1:30 to 3:00
  • Clear Food Table and Man Drink Station:  2 people every hour 11 to 3:00
  • Empty Trash Cans/Restock Bathrooms:  1 person every hour 11 to 4
  • Canning “Experts”:   1 person every hour 11 to 3 or 4
  • Cookbook/Hat Booth:  1 person every hour 11 to 4
  • Tear Down & Clean Up:  Everyone who is still around at the end of the day can help us with this chore!  As Grandmother Edith would say, “Many hands make light work.”  This takes no more than an hour to complete.  Last year because we had so many helping hands, this work was completed in 45 min!

The Final Word:  This is such an exciting time of year.  Normally the crops you see right now are on mid to late August.  Yes crops such as melon and tomatoes are extremely early.  Jerry wants you to know he has never picked a muskmelon in June his entire life nor a watermelon in July.  I’m glad we have them; it has been so hot outside.  They give so much relief!  We don’t have any watermelon this week, but be assured…it is Jerry’s favorite, so more varieties are on the way!  To make up for it, he has found some sweet corn for you.  Another one of his favorites, so you know it will be good!

Thank you for supporting us during this extremely hot summer.  When the produce is on, you will be getting a lot of it.  The same goes when I tell you it is time to come out for a U-pick crop.  When it’s on, it’s on!  Be prepared to come out on short notice!

Jacquie, Jerry, Kyle and Alaina


3 responses to “Newsletter: July 30, 2012

  1. Is the Harvest Festical Sep 18? I think that’s a Tuesday….

  2. Thanks! I must have just read this wrong.

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