Newsletter – August 6, 2012

Dear Members,

Veggies: We are half way through the 2012 Summer Season ~ man o man did it ever go by fast! Hard to believe we only have 9 weeks left to our season! This week you are getting: red potatoes, white onions, orange carrots, white turnips, slicing & lemon cucumbers, one of three types of eggplant; Japanese, Globe or Striped Nubia, green & purple bell peppers, yellow beans, tomatoes; regular red & black velvet, possibly some Gold & Brandywine too, a different variety of watermelon called Crimson Sweet, a new honeydew called Honey Yellow (yellow skin and orange flesh) plus our standard ol’ muskmelon (that really bad one no-one likes! There is no reason to try any other kinds…agreed?)

Fruit: This week you are getting 2 varieties of peaches and plums. Starfire has a slight mango flavor and Sierra Rich has the perfect combination of sweet and tart plus a beautiful color! Your plum is called Santa Rosa. It is deep burgundy in color. Both the peaches and plums need to sit a bit to fully ripen. They just cannot bring those delicacies fully ripened without getting bruised up! They should be slightly soft to the touch and will fall off the pit when sliced. I usually keep my fruit in the fridge and take out only what we can eat in two or three days (allowing the rest to ripen slowly).

Tomatoes: I will start my tomato picking list for those of you who would like to pick additional tomatoes for canning or freezing. Please leave me your name, phone number and the day of preference for picking. It will be the same as the pickle picking: Tue. & Thr. at 7 pm or Sunday morning at 8 am. Be prepared to be called on short notice. Jerry thinks these babies will suddenly come on all at once and we will need to get everyone out in a very short period of time!

Festival: Oops!!!! Please mark your calendars September 16th! We always have the festival the third Sunday in September. There were typos in last week’s letter. (Did you notice the date?) Volunteers are needed for all categories. Festival hours are 11 am to 4 pm, for members only and everything will be ready to go. You have your choice to start picking chilies, u-pick crops, watching the mules work the ground, eat at the barbeque, play games or go on a self-tour of the farm. Everyone must check in! No one can pick crops without a map with directions. Don’t forget to RSVP, we need this information for planning purposes.

Chilies: More than likely we will have chilies available to pick before, during and after the festival. (Chilies can be roasted anytime you come out, not just during the festival.) It will cost $5 per tray for roasting. You will get a ticket that will identify your batch and when you are ready to leave, you just have to match your ticket to a bag of chilies! We do have a hard time getting all the chilies roasted during festival hours. We would like to invite you to come pick those chilies earlier in the day so we can get started roasting right away. If you would like to join us at 9 am, you can pick your chilies but please plan on helping us set up too!

Jacquie, Jerry, Kyle and Alaina Monroe


9 responses to “Newsletter – August 6, 2012

  1. How about watermelon? I miss watermelon, especially when they are so good this year. That yellow flesh melon is the best thing I have ever eaten.

  2. Doh! I just read that better and see that we are, in fact, getting watermelon this week. Never mind! The muskmelon is always a winner, too.

  3. I really appreciate knowing in advance what we will likely receive each week. We are enjoying our share very much! I heard at pick up last week that there is a Facebook page but I’ve been unable to find it to join the conversation there too. Can you help me, please?

  4. Joyce C Forbush

    The Brandywine tomato last week was the best I have ever eaten. Oh my gosh!!!

  5. Last fall feast some one made a wonderful carrot cassarole and I would love to have the recipe! If you are reading this and willing to share You are my hero! Bev Gay

    • Bev, is the recipe in the cookbook? It looks like there are several carrot casserole type of recipes in there and I think you can still buy cookbooks if you haven’t gotten one – call Jacquie.

  6. I’ve really been enjoying our share. Thanks for the recommendation for Monroe Farms Michele.

  7. I agree with Amy that knowing in advance what we may receive really helps with the menu planning and having the newsletter in electronic format really cuts down on the amount of paper I use. Thanks for posting these and keep ’em coming! Thanks!

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