Newsletter: August 13, 2012

Dear Members,

This week you are getting Yukon Gold Potatoes, Walla Walla Onions, Red Beets, Slicing and Lemon Cucumbers, Globe and Japanese Eggplant, Green & Purple Bell Peppers, Yellow, Roma and Regular Tomatoes, Green Beans, Watermelon and Muskmelon.      Tomatoes:  They are ripe and ready to pick for canning and freezing.  Don’t be surprised if they are picked over by the festival!  Best to call me & get on the Picking List now!

Festival:  Don’t forget to RSVP to Peg Lehr at or 303-329-8506 by Sept. 7th.  Plan on entering your steed in the Stick Horse Race; pickles, jams and jellies in the canning contest and a side dish for the bar-b-cue!

Final Payment:  Well it has happened…your final payment for your farm share is due September first.  Statements will be going out this week.  If you were one of the unfortunate members who got a late fee, pay your fees in full and the late fee will be removed.  I don’t really want to collect the late fee, I just want to be paid on a timely basis!  How upset would you be if you didn’t get your paycheck when you expected it…say 3 or 4 weeks late?  A $25 late fee will be assessed on the 15th of September and your produce will be cut off if not paid in full by this date.

Blog:  I am still getting phone calls about the blog and how to access it.  So while I was in Denver making deliveries, I had a member show me the blog, how to get to it and what you need to do once you are there!  Address:  Add this to your favorites.  Once you get to the site, the newsletters are reprinted to the left.  Sometimes the member who posts this for me will add comments, pictures and recipes that were not included in the newsletter.  On the top right, there is a place to sign up for email notifications when there is a new posting.  Add your email address and press Sign me up.  You should be all set!

Cards and Letters:  Thank you all for your cards and letters.  It is so nice to hear how much you are enjoying your produce!  We love to hear about your favorites because everyone seems to love something different.  It sure does make us feel appreciated!

Jacquie’s Soapbox:  My grandmother had a saying:  “ If a child hasn’t eaten five pounds of dirt by the time they are 2, they’re not going to be healthy”  After having kids of my own, and seeing other people with their kids, I’m beginning to see her point!  I dug a huge hole in my back yard and the kids and I would sit in it and play with Matchbox Cars or Tonka Trucks for hours.  Sometimes we would add water to that hole, just for fun!  We had a sand pit under the playhouse and again play in it for hours.  We would make mud pies and have mud fights!  When they got older, we played in the muddy water in the ditches.  None of us wore shoes all summer unless we had too.  (I cannot tell you how many times I had to wash off the kids with a garden hose before coming into the house!)  We still play in the dirt (literally).  Our kids had a mud volleyball game for their friends just this week!  As everyone crawled out of the pit, they had mud in their hair, smeared across their faces and of course, on their cloths.

Today, kids appear to be sparkling clean.  I hear parents say, “Don’t get dirty!”  Well why not?  We have to be exposed to the germs in the dirt around us to build up our immune systems. Evidence shows us that if we do this as kids it will help you as adults.  Children raised in homes that are not perfectly clean have fewer allergies as adults.  Hopefully this will inspire you & make you feel much better about going outside to play with your kids instead of cleaning the house this week!  Let’s all get dirty, be healthy and have some fun!  (psst.  We eat produce right out in the field without washing it; a big no-no today!)  We Love Our Dirt!

Jacquie, Jerry, Kyle and Alaina


4 responses to “Newsletter: August 13, 2012

  1. I grew up in Denver and had a sandbox in the back yard. I have wonderful memories of that sandbox, digging, adding water to make “castles,” spending time with my friends. I loved getting dirty! Thanks for the thoughts Jacquie!

  2. I grew up in New York City. There was little dirt around unless you count the soot that got into every pore when playing outside. Around the corner, though, was an elderly lady who we used to run errands for. She would let us play in her back yard any way that suited us. I planted an apple seed a full foot deep since apple trees are so big, but it did not come up. We played with “Mud Men” and built mud houses for them and elaborate stories about them. In an out of the way corner of the yard was a mud hole fed by the roof drainage system. We played in there for hours and one time a neighbor cleaned us off with the hose before we started all over again!

  3. I almost never remember to wash my produce from the farm, unless it’s something “visibly” dirty, like an onion. And our family is generally very healthy. Organic dirt is the best kind! 😉

  4. My son just discovered the joy of eating dirt today. He shoved a big handful in his mouth. Instead of stopping him with a “yucky” or “dirty” I just laughed and grabbed the video camera. He was filthy and I was having just as much fun as he was. He is on his way to the 5 pounds!

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