Newsletter: August 27, 2012

Dear Friends!

This week you are getting Yukon Gold Potatoes, Red Onions, Sweet Carrots, Slicing Cucumbers, Lemon Cucumbers, Green, Purple and Ivory Bell Peppers (will have a yellow tint to them), Summer Squash, Nubiya (striped) Eggplant, Garlic, Basil, Tomatoes and the Full Shares will get Yellow Watermelon.

Dani, the young woman who helps me in the office had herself a baby boy last Monday the 20th. Because she was busy doing other things….the statements did not go out until last Saturday. You may have made a payment and it will not be reflected on the statement. I am working overtime trying to keep up with Dani’s job…so expect payments to be applied even later than usual. I will do my best to get the data entry done just as soon as possible! Please do not email me with any questions…Dani has been trying to keep up with that and it will not happen now. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on our own families as we wish Dani and Scott all the best!

Eggs; Summer & Winter: This is a reminder that we hope the chickens will kick in and start laying eggs again. Your statements will have credit memos entered at the end of the season to either amend your charges or remove them entirely. For now…just ignore these charges. In case you don’t know; you can purchase eggs for the winter without purchasing a Winter Share.

Winter Share: Here is a link to the form for the Winter Share. Crops we expect to have are included on the form. The winter squash was hit by some kind of disease and the production went down. You will be getting it, but not as much. We do not have a good way to store Sweet potatoes, so you will get those early on and then they will end. Lettuce will only be given out as long as we have decent weather. But good weather means the bugs get into it (because it is the only thing still alive!) So either way, freezing temperatures or bugs will stop the delivery of greens! As you saw from your share last week, the cabbage is small because of the high, hot temps. We have another crop growing for the winter share; …time, water and temperatures will determine if we harvest this crop. We need to know no later than September 22nd if you plan on getting a Winter Share. Some of you have already signed up through your spring Sign-up form; there is no need to do it again! Call me if you need to work out a payment plan. It is recommended that all products ordered in 2012 be paid in full in 2012 because your Membership fees for 2013 are due in January!

Pork, Lamb & Beef: You are welcome to order your spring pork and fall lamb for 2013. This is included on the same form as the Winter Share. Beef is not included because of the drought. We will not have enough feed.

Harvest Festival: Please continue to RSVP to Peg Lehr at or 303-329-8506. We cannot purchase the right amount of products without knowing how many people are coming! Mark your calendars’ for the 3rd Sunday in September (16th ) from 11 to 4.

Have a wonderful week; try to fit in one small adventure to mix it up!

Jacquie, Jerry, Kyle and Alaina


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