CSA Weekly distributionAre you ever stumped by what to do with all of the produce in your weekly share? Or do you struggle with how to throw things together to make dinner on a busy weeknight?

I’ve teamed up with Tentiko, a Denver based organization who puts together fun experiential events, to offer a special cooking class. Participants will bring their produce from their weekly share and together we will create and cook a meal with fresh-picked, local produce. The class will be on Tuesday, 9/10, from 4-6 in the evening, and will be held in my gourmet kitchen.

We’ll pool all our produce and brainstorm a delicious dinner showcasing our shared ingredients, and I will provide additional pantry staples plus protein options to round out the menu. You’ll go home with a four- to six-serving feast!

I expect this classes to fill quickly, so head on over to the Tentiko website to sign up right away!


4 responses to “

  1. What time is it?

  2. Michele what a great idea! Please let me know if you are planning to offer something like this later in the year! Bev gay

  3. Where is it?

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