Newsletter – September 2, 2013


Dear Friends,

This week you will be getting a combination of the following crops: Yukon Gold potatoes, red onions, lemon cucumbers, bell peppers, Globe eggplant, oregano, red tomatoes and Black Velvet tomatoes. Each day could also get one of the following; squash, cucumbers or cauliflower. Some Nubia eggplant is ready and possibly a few yellow tomatoes too.

It is sad to say that we have had the best of the summer and the largest part of the harvest. The plants are not recovering from the devastating hail storm and we are picking less and less each week. We are coaxing the plants to give us everything they have! It is a harsh reminder that Mother Nature can have a very bad temper!

Fruit Shares: Next week you will be getting a half box of nectarines and half a box of pears. If you get a Fruit Share, you have an option of getting an additional 20# box of #2 peaches for canning for an additional $30. They won’t keep, so you need to plan accordingly. Call me no later than Friday the 6th (order as many as you would like). They will be delivered next week.

Festival: I forgot to tell you where to send your RSVP. Peg Lehr will be taking those numbers at or 303-329-8506. Please remember to give her total number of adults and kids; whether or not you are vegetarians and if you want veggie burgers. We still need volunteers so don’t be shy, ask what help is needed to make things run smoothly!

So many of you love to come to the farm for U-Pick crops. I know it is a disappointment that will not be available this year. But we would still love to see you at the farm. You have seen the farm in all its glory. Maybe it is time for you to see the reality of farming with Mother Nature on one of her bad days (or years). It is one thing to hear about the damaged crops…it is something else to see them for yourself!

We will have some great entertainment under the tents, wonderful food, games on the front lawn and other things to see. Come join us!

Jacquie’s Soapbox: So many times, we need something fast to eat and grab a piece of fruit or veggie and run. But have you really thought about how many times that item could have been touched? You have the person picking it at the farm, the person sorting it in the shed, the person packaging/boxing It, the person putting out on the shelf for sale and then all the customers. For every 3rd person who rejects a piece of produce, someone else will purchase it. It really doesn’t matter if a label says produce has been pre-washed….always wash it again!

Jacquie, Jerry, Alaina and Kyle


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