Newsletter – September 16, 2013

Dear Friends of the farm,

This is week 14 out of an 18 week season.  You will be getting a possible combination of white onions, carrots, Japanese eggplant, lemon cucumbers, banana peppers, anaheim peppers, bell peppers and tomatoes.  I know the tomatoes are really ripe…it is that time of year!  Keep them in your crisper drawer until you are ready to use/eat them.  Let them come back to room temperature before eating (raw)!

First Fruit will attempt to deliver a box half filled with Honey Crisp apples and half filled with nectarines.  The fruit may be covered with a white film.  This is not a pesticide but actually liquid clay to repel insects.  Simply wash off!  Watch your nectarines carefully and eat after they give a little when touching.  They will taste better after they soften a little bit!

I know you are getting a lot of fruit at one time.  Don’t forget that they too are getting crazy weather!  First Fruit wants to give you the best they have…when they have it!  That means this year you will be getting large boxes rather close together.  I keep my box of fruit in the bottom of my fridge (or in crisper drawer).  I only take out what I want to eat a few days ahead of time.  This will prolong your fruit, but will have the advantage of tasting great when I go to eat it.  It is very easy to freeze fruit (except pears).  Simply cut to size, sprinkle with lemon juice (and maybe a little honey), mix, toss into a freezer bag and pop into the freezer!

Rain:  We have not been affected as much as Aurora, Boulder, Nederland, Lyons, Longmont or Ft. Collins; but we have had our share of the rain!  3.5 inches over 5 days; wet only begins to explain what we are right now!  The ground is so saturated there is not one space available that a vehicle would not sink into the ground.

We are cut off to the North by damaged bridges over the South Platte.  The farm sits four miles south of all the flooding.  We are used to seeing the farmland around the S. Platte flood, but never so wide an area!  I swear it looks like the Mississippi out there!

We are extremely concerned for our Members out there from the above areas.  I have talked to several and basements seem to be the biggest concern.  If water was not coming in windows, it came up from the ground.  Please know we are thinking of you all.  Be safe out there!

Festival:  I am so sorry to announce we are not going to have the Festival this summer.  Too much has happened and we are out of steam!  It will not get warm enough this week to dry out the parking areas and we cannot find a suitable solution.  Plus, with all the road closures, how do we get you here!  We really do appreciate the effort of everyone who was going to come to the picnic anyway.  We Love Our CSA Members!!!!!

Jacquie, Jerry, Alaina and Kyle


One response to “Newsletter – September 16, 2013

  1. I am so glad for you all that you are away from the flooding. I thought of calling but didn’t want to bug you in a crisis. Then I thought of the blog.
    A 1,000 year weather event? Sheesh! I hope all my fellow members have been able to dry out their basements, get to dry ground, whatever will help them through this. Here in Denver, it was just my basement and only one day. I feel so fortunate when I see the suffering others are enduring.
    Colorado strong!!

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