Newsletter–September 24, 2013

Dear Members,

This week you are getting Yukon Gold Potatoes, Yellow Onions, Carrots, Eggplant, Bell Peppers, Celery, Lettuce and Tomatoes.

The celery is not anything like the kind you get in the grocery store.  This kind really packs the punch!  It is more of an herb than for eating raw, though many members tell me they love the taste.  It will have a very strong celery taste.  I freeze most of my celery so that I will have it during the winter.  I simply chop it up and throw it into a bag.  I set the leaves aside and dry them and then put them in a bag to freeze as well.  Reduce your recipes in one half to two thirds when using this herb fresh until you get used to the flavor!

Jerry planted lettuce soon after the hailstorm in August to make up for the reduced quantities of the other crops.  It looks beautiful but may be a little bitter due to the crazy weather we have been getting!

A New Distribution Center has been found for the Boulder area!  Lori Hobkirk has graciously offered her home just west of Folsom & Valmont for the winter.

Several Members have asked me to list the crops again for this winter…so here they are!:  potatoes, onion, carrots, winter squash, cabbage, beets, garlic, leeks, popcorn, dried beans and possibly sweet potatoes.

Rain:  We are slowly drying out over here.  My parents had to leave Sterling because of the “no flush” policy in place, so they have been with me for the last week.  This storm really impacted so many areas!  It is shocking to see the debris left behind!  I hope very few of you had flooded basements and ruined belongings.  Hang in there, it will get better!

A Member told me he was going to change the music for his rain dances from Techno to something a little bit calmer!   I found this very funny!

What’s Happening Here:  Again, thank you for your kind words of concern.  I know Kersey has been in the news a lot this last week, but this is the reason why.  Yes we have had a serious amount of rain.  Too much for this time of year!  But, Kersey has a Weather Station on the river that follows the ebb and flow of the water.  Since all waterways:  Poudre, Small & Big Thompson, Left Hand Creek, Boulder Creek etc. dump into the South Platte before Kersey, it is a logical place to put a Weather Station.  The water crested at 18.8 feet, beating the old record by 6.8 feet!  The damage is amazing and farmers’ properties have been changed by the river.  Bridges need repair or replaced and getting around is very difficult.  We just got another inch of rain last night.  It makes me wonder what winter will look like.  Yikes!!!

Jacquie, Jerry, Alaina and Kyle


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