Newsletter – September 30, 2013


Dear Friends of the Farm;

This is week 16 out of an 18 week season.  You should get a combination of Yukon Gold potatoes, red onions, carrots, garlic, Japanese eggplant, pablano peppers and tomatoes.  No fruit this week. 

You will need to roast your pablano peppers and remove the skins before you use them.  This can be done under the broiler.  Rotate as soon as you see blisters.  Put in a plastic bag and keep them there until they are cool.  Remove skins and stuff, use in recipes, or freeze whole for use later.

Late Fees:  Late fees were assessed for non-payment of your vegetable, fruit and honey shares by September 1st.  I understand everyone is busy, especially those households with school age children.  But if you pay your fees in full by October 10th, I would be willing to remove these fees!

Weather:  The stories coming out of Estes Park, Lyons, Boulder and Longmont are shocking.  It will take time before all is put back together!  Scientists are 90% sure that the weather system along the Front Range from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins that caused all this flooding is part of our climate change and is most likely human caused; as reported by National Public Radio.  A study is in the works and an official announcement is supposed to be made within the next couple of weeks.  This kind of storm has never occurred in Colorado before…or at least not since statistics have been kept.  It is really quite remarkable!

We have gotten a light freeze Saturday morning.  As Jerry was running around, he said it looked to him like the only thing that was slightly burned was the sweet potatoes for the Winter Share.  Everything else hurt by the hailstorm in August is still struggling along as best as it can!  I guess there is a good chance we will get a harder freeze this Friday…we’ll wait and see!

Crops:  To tell you the truth, I am surprised we have had the variety of crops because there was so much damage!  I thought almost everything would just die.  I guess these plants were more resilient than I thought they would be! 

The tomatoes are getting very ripe and the excess rain is making them split.  We are trying to send you the best that is available out in the field.  There is just not much left out there!  They are sorted before taking them to the Distribution Centers (DC).  However, some are getting bad spots by that evening.  Cut out the bad spots & if they are soft, use them in recipes instead of canned tomatoes or in soups.  They freeze well whole or blended.  Keep in mind; you do not have to take them!  Let your DC know you don’t want your tomatoes and someone who is willing to make sauce out of them will be happy to take them off your hands!

Thank you for your support on this crazy weather year!               Jacquie, Jerry, Alaina and Kyle


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