A note from Jacquie

p.s.  The Winter Share crops are really looking good!  We have been harvesting like mad before we have a really hard freeze and the ground is too hard to dig up veggies.  All the dried beans have been sitting in the sun drying.  You will get kidney, black, Anasazi and a new bean called Tiger’s Eye.  We were surprised by the abundance of sweet potatoes once they were harvested.  You will get those through the month of November and we had enough to give them to the summer share too.  We have enough cabbage, beets (4#) and Watermelon & Daikon radishes to give those out once a month all winter.  We will have our normal amount of Yukon Gold potatoes (7#), carrots (3#), onions (2 or 3 of each color), garlic (3 to 6), leeks (6) and a sandwich bag of popcorn and dried beans for every delivery.  A bag of lettuce will be delivered until it gets too cold in the cold frame to grow, (normally through December).

  If you are still interested in a Winter Share, you can call me and I will do the paperwork in house or you can ask your DC for a Sign-up Form.  If you get a form from your DC, make sure you call me and tell me you are sending in a Sign-up so I can keep track of everyone.  I can take Winter Share Members through October 23rd.



4 responses to “A note from Jacquie

  1. Dr. Martha Lucas

    Hi Jacquie,

    Sounds great! You should already have a winter share deposit check for me and Brian. Please let me know if you haven’t received it.


    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi, Martha,

      Jacquie doesn’t actually check the blog, so you may want to phone her with this question. (Sorry–“a note from Jacquie” was a bit of a misnomer in the post title–she asked us to attach the postscript from the newsletter as a separate post to be sure people didn’t miss it.)


  2. Thanks Jacquie. Will pass on the winter share. Winter well and we’ll see you come spring. Hugs bev


  3. I’ve been a member of the summer share for 2 years and would love Winter share. Is it still possible? We live near City Park – in Denver – Mina is our distributor.

    Kristen Please excuse brevity, typos or errors from Siri Sent from my iPhone


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