Newsletter – June 22, 2014


Dear Friends,

This week you are getting New Yukon Gold potatoes, summer squash (could be either zucchini or yellow straight neck), garlic, garlic scapes, oregano, lettuce and peas (could get either/or both snap peas and snow peas).  Garlic scapes are the “flowering” stem of the plant.  The scape itself consists of small bulb-etts.  They can be planted to create a new bulb of garlic.  However it will take up to three years (or more) before you get any garlic cloves harvestable!  Most people use the garlic scape (stem and top) chopped and used in salads, stir-fry’s, soups and roasted, etc.  It is a milder form of garlic. See recipes at end of letter.

Your Veggies and bags:  Please return your veggie bags every week.  We especially want the small produce bags for your peas and beans. Please shake them out and make sure there is nothing left inside.  This saves us a tremendous amount of time at the farm when we sort bags.  As was said before, I cannot stress how important it is to wash all your veggies before eating them.  Below you will find a simple recipe that is effective on removing dirt (and possibly the wax on grocery store veggies) from your food.

Weather and your food:  Well guess what?  We had two light hail storms on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.  They both produced pea to quarter sized hail.  Thank goodness Wednesday’s storm was mostly rain and lightened the impact of the hail.  There will be obvious damage to things like cabbage, lettuce, summer squash and other soft skinned crops.  Hail doesn’t damage the taste, just the appearance!!!

Donations:  We give away several shares to people who are in need every year.  We were not able to do this last year due to the terrible hailstorm in late July, early August.  But we want to keep this tradition of helping people when they most need it.  Hopefully, it has helped many people get back on their feet in the past.  I still have the names of those who were nominated last year and I just need a confirmation that they could use it this year as well.  Anyone wishing to nominate another family; I will need their name, phone number and their circumstances.  People will be awarded shares based on their physical illnesses first then by financial.  Hopefully we can serve everyone.  However, we have already given 10 shares to members, so there is only 15 left.  If anyone would like to donate monetarily to our Donation Fund, please let us know.  It means we can help more people!

Facebook/Blog/Website/Email:  Please be aware that I do not work from these social media sites.  Several members took it upon themselves to start these up and continually update them.  Everyone needs to contact me directly by phone when making changes to their shares.  I will need not only your name, but also your Distribution Center.  My daughter is moving at the end of July to South Dakota.  She will no longer be able to communicate your changes.  Email is the same.  Someone else handles this for me (and not often since there is so much data entry to do).  I know this is very convenient for you, but I am home only a half day on Monday and Friday per week.  So it is not the best way to contact me.  I am very good about answering phone messages, but I do not have time to look at email.  You can use email for anything that does not need to be answered immediately!

Thank you,                                            Jacquie, Jerry, Kyle and Alaina

Veggie Wash

Juice from a whole lemon
2 Tbsp vinegar
1 cup water
1 spray bottle & scrub brush

Mix and spray onto surface of veggies.  Let sit for a minute or two.                     (Longer if trying to remove wax.)  Scrub lightly on soft skinned                               veggies and more aggressively on hard skinned produce like winter squash, cucumbers, root veggies and melons. Leafy greens simply should be sprayed, sit and rinsed.

Garlic Scapes ideas

Option 1.  Rinse & chop scapes and mix them with softened cream cheese as a spread or mix with sour cream and dill for chip dip.

Option 2.  Rinse and toss scapes in olive oil until lightly coated.  Place on hot grill over high heat and sear.  Grill for several minutes until soft and marks appear.  Remove, season with salt & pepper and serve as a side.


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