Newsletter – July 1, 2014


Dear Friends of the farm,

New this week: You will be getting white onions, carrots and turnips. Your bag will also include Yukon Gold potatoes, summer squash (including a round zucchini called Q-ball), garlic, garlic scapes, peas and oregano.

Weather: What is going on with this crazy weather? It’s nice, and then it storms; they aren’t little storms either. At the farm Friday night a huge thunder cloud came out of nowhere and pelted us with rain and hail. It hailed hard for about 10 minutes and rained at least 30 minutes. We got an inch of rain. The hail damaged many of the plants. Jerry said nothing was destroyed but many things will be delayed now.

Newsletter: The newsletter can be found on the blog on We will try to have this posted by Monday night. Please notify your distribution center if you no longer want a hard copy.

First Fruit: As of last Friday they had not had any hail storms but very cool weather. The cherry crop is late, but it looks like we will have them next week.

Honey is being delivered this week for those of you who receive it monthly and bi-monthly. For those of you who are getting it ONCE you will get that in August.

Reminder: Half of all vegetable, fruit and honey fees are due on the 15th of July.

Donations: Please call in your donated family today so we can start getting them some vegetables!

Cookbooks: We have decided to print a cookbook to celebrate our 80th farming anniversary in 2016. We are in need of your favorite recipes and hope we can collect enough in the next two years to create a wonderful cookbook! The recipes can be for vegetable side dishes, vegetable main dishes, meat dishes, casseroles, desserts or any other delicious dish you make with Monroe veggies or meat. If this has come out of another cookbook or magazine, we have to give credit for it, so please tell us whether or not the recipe is adapted and then identify the magazine or cookbook. Please send these recipes to Michele Morris at Identify yourself as a Monroe Member and if there is a story to your recipe, include that too. We may create something a little different if we get some interesting stories!

The Monroe family wants everyone to have an exciting, fun and safe 4th of July!

Alaina, Kyle, Jacquie and Jerry


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