Newsletter – July 7, 2014

logorooster.gif Dear Friends,

This week you are getting Delicious New Red Potatoes, sweet Walla Walla onions, Music (to your ears) garlic, crazy carrots, tempting turnips, rebellious red beets, preposterous purple kohlrabi, sumptuous summer squash and fabulous fennel. Kohlrabi is in the cole crop family and can be used similarly to cabbage.  It can be shredded and added to salads, sliced and steamed like turnips or cooked in stir-fry’s.  It is very tasty eaten raw as a carrot, but I have to admit; it is very tasty with ranch dressing or hummus! Fennel is equally as easy to use.  It can also be shredded into a salad, stir-fried and baked under or over fish and roasts.  The leaves are as edible as the bulbs and can add that settle licorice taste to anything.  Try mixing beets, carrots, fennel, onion and kohlrabi as a delicious raw salad with a vinegar and oil dressing!  The longer it sits the better it tastes!

First Fruit is bringing mouth-watering cherries this week.  I sampled them at the Boulder Farmers Market last weekend and they simply are divine!  They haven’t said what will be on next, but there will have a small lull between pickings of fruit.  I hope its peaches!

Switching Shares:  I know right now the shares are very manageable.  But if you are one of those households that may be between a Half and a Single or a Full and Half; it could become very overwhelming by the middle of August.  We have developed our fee structure so that you can easily switch from a larger share to a smaller share.  We will prorate the difference between the two and send out an updated statement.  This all has to be done before the first of September.  After that, you are locked in the share for the rest of the season.  Do not email me if you need to make a change.  All communication must be done by phone!

Fall Festival:  Mark your calendars!  The Fall Festival will be the third Sunday in September  (September 21st).  It is a wonderful time to see the farm.  Normally we have a potluck picnic, u-pick crops are available (with Mother Nature’s cooperation), hayrides to the pumpkin patch, stick horse races, games on the front lawn and a self-guided farm tour. We had to cancel the Festival last summer due to the torrential rains in September.  There was absolutely no simple way out here.  Besides, I think everyone was reeling from the shock of the storms!  Let us hope that never happens again in our lifetimes!

Cheers to summer!                 Jacquie, Alaina, Kyle and Jerry

PS! The current cookbook is being printed right now and should be ready in 2-4 weeks!


One response to “Newsletter – July 7, 2014

  1. Jennifer Adams

    I tried the beet, kohlrabi, fennel, onion, carrot salad. It was delicious and so festive with the kohlrabi stained bright pink from the beets!

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