Newsletter – July 14, 2014

logorooster.gifDear Members,

New this week – Banana fingerling potatoes, red onions, scarlet turnips, green kohlrabi, cucumbers, green beans, and basil.  Some of you may also be getting some broccoli, but the whole field did not come on at the same time! Hopefully, those of you who do not get it this week will have it next week.  You are also getting white onions, garlic, carrots and squash.

Oh Yum!!! Summer is here!

Pickles: I’m sorry to say that the pickles were hailed out and we will not have early cucumbers for pickling.  Jerry did replant them and hopes they will be on in August or September.  Watch your newsletter for more details!

When you go out of town:  If you are going out of town on vacation or business and cannot pick up your produce, please remember:  call me to cancel the share completely, or call your DC (distribution center) if you want it donated.  They will hold your produce for 24 hours if you want to get it later.  But it is a must that you communicate with them one way or the other!

Colorado Weather and Climate Change:  If any of you have moved to Colorado in the last 16 years, I want to inform you; you haven’t seen a “normal” Colorado winter.  Basically, I feel we have been in some form of drought since 1998.  Last winter was more seasonal, but with even that, we have extended our season three weeks on either side of our growing season.  Because of all the rain (last fall and this spring) several places are starting to see the ground water return to normal.  There have been new homes built in places Jerry and I know were very seepy with ground water near the surface.  New homes that have been dry the last 16 years are seeing water seep into their basements now.  This did not surprise us because of our longevity in this area, but came as a huge surprise to homeowners!  For more information on climate change, search “National Climate Assessment” for the new report on regional climate changes. It is in all our interests to stay informed about this!!!

On a lighter note:  Kyle was telling me he had some very interesting customers the other day.  A beautician was checking out his red potatoes and golden beets.  I said, “So a hair stylist was checking out your roots.”  His next customer was a card shark and he wanted fruit.  I commented that he probably wanted two pears.  He mentioned that a journalist was searching for an onion alternative.  And I suggested that she needed more leeks.  Next a labor negotiator requested to increase their vegetable order and I asked if they wanted a celery hike too!  Kyle then tells me he thinks the customers are the best part of our job.  “Absolutely!”  I said, “You will never know who will turnip!

Jacquie, Jerry, Kyle and Alaina


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