Newsletter – July 21, 2014


Dear Friends,

This week you are getting Yukon Gold potatoes, Walla Walla onions (very much like a Vidalia), carrots, Golden beets, garlic, squash, green beans and some of you will get cucumbers. The cucumber plants are struggling to produce because of the hailstorms earlier in the season.

FYI: There will not be as many beans or corn to give out this season. The continual rain showers are rotting the seed before it can even sprout! (And we have planted them every week!)

Reality Check: Did you know you need to eat three to four vegetables a day to maintain your health? Did you know that you need five to six vegetables a day to help your body correct health issues? Now add two to four pieces of fruit to this regimen and you can see where it takes all day to get this into your diet. That’s ok! If you are snacking on veggies and fruit then you don’t eat carbs and sugars. Your body will thank you (and so will your scale)!

Climate Change and Colorado: It is hard to understand how so many people are still denying the fact that this is happening everywhere around us. The downpour of rain last September is a testament to this as well as the severe drought of 2012. It has been years since we have seen an actual “monsoon” rainy season. But it is actually clouding up every afternoon and trying to rain (even if it is just a light sprinkling or a wind storm). Every time the weather starts to resemble what we grew up with, well, it makes me wonder where we are heading in the future. Is this a temporary reprieve or the real deal? I have been asking myself this for over a decade now. So I think I answered my own question. This weighs on us more than most because we make our living by the weather. We work in it every day and we notice the drastic changes from day to day, year to year and decade to decade! This is happening and the extremes in weather will get worse.

Important Reminders: Half of all produce fees (including honey and fruit) were due July 15th. Late fees of $25 will be assessed at the end of the month for non-payment. Those of you who have made payment arrangements with me will be exempt as long as you continue to make regular payments!
We are having problems with checks not written out properly. Please make sure that the written amount is the same as the numerical amount and don’t forget to sign your check!

Quote of the day: “Pay your farmer now or pay the doctor later!” (unknown)

Jacquie, Jerry, Kyle and Alaina


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