Newsletter – August 3, 2014


This week you are getting:  Yukon potatoes, red onions, orange, yellow and purple carrots, red beets, summer squash, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, cauliflower (Wednesday only), peppers, garlic, green beans, green basil and dill.  Dilly squash:  sauté squash, onion, garlic, salt and pepper and fresh dill weed (leaves) for a great side dish!

New:  You are getting a new sweet pepper called Canario.  It is a long, slender pepper similar in shape to an anaheim pepper.  It can be green, yellow or red in color and can be used like a bell pepper.  It is known for its frying and roasting compatibility.  Something new for our stir-fries!!

Fall/Winter Lambs:  We have dates set for processing fall lamb.  They are going to the processor the first three weeks of October.  If we think they are not ready, we will cancel those dates and reschedule.  But it looks good right now!  You will be contacted for a processing order a week or two before they go to processing.  All fees for lambs are now due in full by September 15th.

Jacquie will be out of town from August 5th through August 14th.  I would like to make a request for no changes to your shares during this duration.  Dani will be coming into the office a half day on Sunday as well as a half hour or so on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  If for some reason changes have to occur during that week, I ask that all phone calls (no email) are made by Sunday noon.  Thank you for your patients with the men folk while I am gone!

Goodbye Alaina!  Alaina is continuing with her adventures in the medical field.  She is moving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota on August 5th.  She got into Southeast Technical School and will be studying to be an Echo Tech (who performs echocardiograms).  It is a year around school and a two year program.  We wish her much success, will miss her tremendously and cannot wait for her to come back home (with a job of course!!!).  Alaina has been the one checking email.  Now that she is leaving; please do not send any email to me!  Any changes, corrections or additions to your shares need to be handled by phone.  Hence the reason I do not put an email address on my newsletters!

                                          Mock Apple Pie

4 med. Zucchini (or mixed summer squash)                          1T. cornstarch

1 cup sugar                                                                             1 – 9” pie crust

4T. lemon juice                                                                       1 cup flour

1 t. nutmeg                                                                             ½ cup butter, cold & cubed

2 T tapioca starch or flour                                                      ½ cup brown sugar

2 t. cinnamon                                                                          ¼ cup chopped nuts, optional

Cut zucchini in half, scoop out any large seeds, peel if desired and slice.  Combine zucchini with the next 6 ingredients and place in pie crust.  Mix together the remaining dry ingredients then cut in the butter until butter is pea size.  Pour over pie filling and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour.

Enjoy!                          Alaina, Kyle, Jacquie and Jerry


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