Newsletter – August 18, 2014



Dear Friends of the Farm,

It appears to have been an exciting week while I was gone!  Corn, melons and peaches…very, very exciting!  This week you are getting Yukon Gold, red onions, cabbage, squash, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, jalapeno, bell peppers and muskmelon.  There isn’t enough corn for everyone, so only a few of you will receive it.  And half of you will get yellow watermelon and half of you red watermelon.

First Fruit:  I understand the frustration you must be feeling over your fruit share this summer.  However, the grower does not have any control over the weather and the constant cool downs with rain has slowed the ripening process.  Chris tells me they should have lots of peaches, pears and apples for the rest of the summer.  This is the reality of farming and the problems that occur when the weather does not cooperate! Dani was told they thought they would be bringing 5 pounds of peaches last week, but you actually received 7 pounds; half Coralstar and half Sierra Rich.  This week you will receive 8 pounds of Coralstar and Starfire.  Next week, you will get a whole box of a great peach that would be good for canning called Red Globe.  If they don’t have enough Red Globe, half the box will be Suncrest (also a great peach for canning).  Chris tells me your patience will be rewarded, so please hang in there!

It’s pickle time!  Pickles are on and they are on right now.  They have to be picked over the next two weeks.  We will be picking Sunday at 9 am or Tuesday at 6 pm.  Please call me at the above number to schedule an appointment.  You will need to bring your own containers and you need to let me know if you want a half or whole bushel.  A bushel of pickles makes 48 (or more) quarts of pickles.  You will be required to pick all sizes of pickles, not just the small ones.  And you cannot pick anything smaller than three inches.  Dill will be available.  We will not be able to get you more onions or garlic.

Volunteer Hours:  Now that the heart of summer is on, we decided Members who could not make it out last May or June to complete their 4 hour volunteer time, could do this during the  week; Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning starting at 7 am.  You will be working alongside of the Working Members and get a good idea how Distribution runs.  Your morning will start out by bagging up the shares then completing your day in the field.  Please call the office (no email) to arrange your time.  I will need your name, your Distribution Center and the day you would like to volunteer.  You will take your produce home with you the morning you volunteer.

Cookbooks:  Yea!!!  We finally got our cookbooks.  I will be sending them out to the Distribution Centers this week.  It will help you create some amazing dishes from your CSA share ~ recipes from the very members who use this farm!

Thank you for your patience while I was away.  Alaina is settled and will start school this week.  I know there were a few hiccups, but all in all, everything went pretty well!

Jacquie, Kyle and Jerry


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