Newsletter – September 2, 2014


This is week 12 of an 18 week season.  You will be getting yummy Yukon Gold potatoes, delicious Daikon radish, fantastic fennel, super squash, sensational slicing cucumbers, lovely lemon cucumbers, pleasant purple bell peppers and gorgeous green bell peppers along with tasty tomatoes, marvelous muskmelon, wonderful watermelon and astonishing honeydew.  The honeydew is a new variety and we are super excited about it.  It has a bright yellow shell, green flesh and its super sweet.  What do you think?  Enjoy!!!

First Fruit will be bringing half a box of pears and half a box of white peaches.  They normally will not bring two boxes back to back, but when the white peaches are on, you take them because they don’t last long!  Eat the peaches first because the pears need time to finish ripening.  They should be a beautiful pale yellow.

Harvest Festival:  I worked so hard to get all that info out to you and darn if I not only gave you a bad phone number, but also gave you a bad email address!  I tell you; sometimes I just want to go back to bed! LOL!!!  Ok, we are on the hot seat now.  We need your RSVP no later than the 13th of September.  Peg would prefer everyone email her so she can get her numbers right away.  She will not email you back or return your phone message.  This is the correct contact info: or 303-320-5706.  The problem was found on Wednesday, so only the Thursday group got the correct info.  We need numbers in order to purchase food, plates, drinks etc.  So please contact Peg just as soon as you know you can attend the festival.

Reminder:  All fees for your produce, honey and fruit are due in full at this time.  $25 late fee will be assessed on September 14th.  If you are on a pre-arranged payment plan, please continue to make your monthly payments or a $15 late fee will be assessed.   Please call me ASAP if you are having trouble making your final payment.

Volunteer time:  Please contact Peg Lehr if you intend to put in volunteer time at the festival.  If you want to see how distribution works, you may join us on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings at 7 am.  We have a lot of fun and current working members enjoy a new face and story.  It is a good experience and you will have a much better understanding of how the system works and appreciation for those who drive from places like Bailey, Highland Ranch and Ft. Collins etc. to share in the fantastic world of farming.

Thought for the day:  Of all the paths in life we take, make sure some are on dirt!

Quote of the day:  “Farmers are the only indispensable people on the face of the earth.”  Li Zhaoxing

Thank you for your support of this farm as well as First Fruit and Clark’s Apiaries!

Kyle, Jerry and Jacquie


One response to “Newsletter – September 2, 2014

  1. Would you mind posting the date and time of the festival? Thanks!

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