Newsletter – October 13, 2014


Dear Friends of the Farm,

This is week 18 and you will receive Yukon Gold potatoes, onions, carrots, leeks, eggplant, cabbage or broccoli, bell peppers, specialty peppers, garlic and tomatoes (red, orange and green).

Honey: Those of you who get monthly and bi-monthly deliveries will be getting your last delivery.

Surveys: We value your opinion very much and look forward to reading all your opinions. If the majority of surveys want a quantity change, we will take a look at the size of our shares and make adjustments accordingly, if we can. Same with suggestions for new crops; if we can grow it, we will consider it! It is imperative you tell us your family size, share size and diet. It makes a difference! (If you haven’t filled yours out yet, you can download it here. You will need to print it out, fill it out, and mail it to the farm.)

An overview: This is our last week and I cannot believe how fast this summer went by. It rained just a little too much for us, but the cooler temperatures were just fantastic to work in! There wasn’t much to give you the first two weeks because it was so cold, nothing was growing very fast. The rains started in and never really went away. I think there were only 3 or 4 weeks the entire summer we didn’t get some form of precipitation! I feel the quality was fabulous and everyone received beautiful, vibrant, vitamin & mineral rich produce all summer!

Proposition 105: Several of you have been asking about this proposition and how it affects the farm. We are not sure exactly how this will change what we already do. We are Certified Organic and there is a requirement that all organic crops must be GMO free. So there may or may not be additional paperwork for us and we may have to change our signs & brochures to include a statement of “non-GMO”.

This is the deal folks: it is requiring all the conventional farms that use GMO’s to label their crops as such. Now this bill does have allowances for liquor, restaurants, dairy and meat. They will not be required to label. So I don’t believe it goes far enough! Yes, it will cause more work on the farm side because they now have to keep labels and letters either denying GMO’s or identifying GMO’s. It is true that a package with many ingredients will not tell you which one is a GMO, but wouldn’t it be nice to know there is one in there? There will be an added expense throughout the process to identify and label products. But I want to know what package items & veggies in the store are GMO’s. I don’t want these items in my diet. I believe I should be able to make that decision.

One of the promises of GMO’s was that it would eliminate pesticide/herbicide use. This turned out to be false. We are starting to see super weeds that have adapted and are now resistant to current pesticides being used. A new and very dangerous pesticide called Enlist Duo may be approved by the EPA this fall for use on GMO corn and soybeans next year. Do you really want a GMO in your diet if an extremely harsh chemical has been used alongside of it? So GMO’s are not living up to their promises!

Earlier in the year, 35 prominent doctors, experts and researchers wrote to the EPA to express concern that communities living downwind of fields, and thousands of schools within 200 feet of corn and soybean fields could be exposed. The chemical 2,4-D, and the glyphosate herbicide combination developed by the Dow Chemical Company, has been linked to an increased risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, thyroid & reproductive problems, Parkinson’s disease and neurological damage. Stated from Dr. Oz website in September of 2014.

I don’t believe that this proposition will affect farmers markets because most small farms do not want to use GMO’s. They are more interested in providing great tasting, vine-ripened, nutritious fruits and vegetables from good seed stock. Again, they may have to have signage stating they are non-GMO and that will be an added cost. There you have it in a nutshell, hope it helps!

Winter Share: The Winter Share crops are really looking good! We have been harvesting like mad before we have a really hard freeze and the ground is too hard to dig up veggies. All the dried beans have been sitting in the sun drying. You will get kidney, black, Anasazi and a white bean called Tiger’s Eye. You will get sweet potatoes through the month of November. We have enough cabbage, beets (4#) and Watermelon & Daikon radishes to give those out once a month all winter. We will have our normal amount of Yukon Gold potatoes (7#), carrots (3#), onions (2 or 3 of each color), garlic (3 to 6), leeks (4 to 6) and a sandwich bag of popcorn and dried beans for every delivery. A bag of lettuce will be delivered until it gets too cold in the cold frame to grow, (normally through December). New items will be parsnips and rutabagas. Until we get those harvested, we are not sure how many you are going to get or how long we will have them. If we have any summer veggies that make it to November, we will be including them too!

If you are still interested in a Winter Share, you can call me and I will do the paperwork in house or you can ask your DC for a Sign-up Form. If you get a form from your DC, please send that to me right away before distribution centers fill up (6th & Downing is completely full)! I can take Winter Share Members through October 31st. First delivery is November 5th.

Reservoir status: We are excited to convey to you the reservoir is winter full. Jerry was telling me he doesn’t remember this ever happening in his lifetime! Normally the reservoir is nearly empty and we have to wait for snow melt off to begin filling the lake. Next summer already is looking good with ample water!

Chag Sameach! To all our Jewish Members who are celebrating the fall harvest in their outdoor dining rooms, we wish you a healthy and happy holiday filled with family and friends.

Thank You! I would like to thank our Working Members; both those at the Distribution Centers and those who make the journey to the farm. The Distribution Centers are very much appreciated for their time and homes. They make it possible for you to have a DC fairly close so you don’t have to drive across town.

Working Members at the farm spend an extra hour or two on the road getting to the farm, plus the four hours every week bagging up your produce, loading the truck and then finishing the day doing farm chores. It would be nearly impossible to run this CSA without their help. So many projects are completed every week! Thank you all for your hard work, consistency, patients and good humor.

And to our faithful members; we thank you for your continued support from year to year. Each year seems to bring its own set of diversities we have to work around and this year was no exception! We know this isn’t the easiest way to get your produce. We know you have to do a lot of work on your end to get things put up. Hopefully we have satisfied your craving for good, farm fresh, vitamin enriched food!

We have to admit; we are exhausted and are greeting Mr. Winter with open arms. We cannot stress how much we have appreciated your support over the season. The Monroe’s are definitely looking forward to next summer and discovering what Mother Natures may send our way with you.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Jacquie, Jerry, Alaina and Kyle Monroe


One response to “Newsletter – October 13, 2014

  1. Winter Share sounds awesome this year! Can’t wait to try the parsnips and rutabagas. I have been buying and using the Winter Share for several years now and it is always helpful for ‘stock’ produce. Adding popcorn was exciting, then leeks, beans, sweet potatoes and now more roots! Yum.

    Reminder if you are fence sitting about subscribing to the Winter Share: Distribution is typically twice a month, November through February, and doubles up before Christmas to allow the Monroes a well deserved vacation. So the amounts described in the newsletter are for two weeks, a bit more manageable. 🙂

    Stay warm everybody!

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