Volunteers Needed TOMORROW (Sunday, Nov 9)!

Volunteers needed!

We have been so busy picking crops to put into storage for winter; we have
not been able to get the garlic ready for planting. It needs to be
separated by cloves before it can be planted. We are asking everyone to
consider joining us this Sunday at 9 and again at 1. We will be working
all day until all the garlic is separated. We ask for as many hours you
are willing to help. If you are only able to give us an hour or two, we
will take it. Those of you willing to stay most of the day can bring a
lunch and join us in the house for an hour of food and friendship!

Your help would be greatly appreciated because if we do not get this
separated, it will not get planted and we won’t have garlic next year.
Thank you in advance for your time given to the adventures of farming! As
my Grandmother used to say, “Many hands make light work!” So please plan
on spending a little time on the farm working on a very important project.


2 responses to “Volunteers Needed TOMORROW (Sunday, Nov 9)!

  1. Gretchen already committed tomorrow and can’t work on Garlic however, if help is needed next weekend please email me or leave a message on my phone. Thanks bev gay

  2. Hi, I would love to help but my right arm is in a sling due to surgery on my pectoral muscle. I have also been avoiding driving long distances due to my handicap. Soooo I’m so sorry otherwise I would definitely make it! I should be healed up in a few months and would love to volunteer sometime.

    Warm Regards, James



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