ALERT: 2015 Summer Shares

Hi all! Just a reminder that new 2015 summer sign-ups will begin in January. For renewing members you will not get a sign-up form if you committed to next year’s share via your distribution center (DC). Instead, a statement will be in the mail in or around January. If you did not commit with your DC, your space is up for grabs and you will receive a sign-up form at the same time as new customers on the Monroe wait list. Space will be filled ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Once new membership is filled, all slots are filled (including renewals). This could happen in March or it could happen in May. So please be sure to sign up right away if you didn’t commit to renewal during the 2014 summer season! Additionally, there will be no renewals if your DC is full! (This became a problem last summer, as too many people waited until the last minute and a couple of DC’s had too many people.)

Finally, the Monroe’s would also like to offer members the chance to give a CSA Share to someone for Christmas. Please call Jacquie directly and she will make the arrangements. PLEASE NOTE: she will be out of town from Dec. 21st to Jan.6th, so get your orders in soon!

Happy Holidays!


5 responses to “ALERT: 2015 Summer Shares

  1. Hello,

    I would like to participate in the fruit and vegetable share again. My dc on 26th and Sheridan. I’ve let them know I’d like to participate again next year but just wanted to confirm with you as well.

    Thank you! Lauren Rope


  2. Hi I believe they know that I am renewing for next year for a summer share but I thought I would tell them again. Bev Gay County Line and Quebec. Many Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    Beverly Gay


  3. Hi all – please note that Jacquie does not check replies here. The only way to be absolutely sure your messages get to her is to call and leave one at the farm. Thanks!

  4. I would love to get back and have a share next year so please send me the sign up form. Thanks, Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 21:54:06 +0000 To:

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