Newsletter – June 29, 2015


Dear Members,

This week you are getting swiss chard, turnips, beets, onions, carrots, garlic, snap peas and squash. We are thinning the beet crop. You are not going to get a lot of them. So eat them raw shredded in a coleslaw or salad. It doesn’t look like the snap peas were very productive, so you may get snow peas too or instead of snap peas. There will be a very slow start to the season. The cold and rainy days stalled the growth of all the plants. So when we start harvesting crops, you will not get very many. You will have to be creative by combining the wonderful treats we are getting to make a meal.

Fruit: Unfortunately you will not be getting fruit this week, as we expected. The deal fell through with Eat a Peach Farm. But you will get fruit next week; probably apricots.

Boxes: I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t finish my thought process last week about the boxes! At some point you will need to add a cloth bag or box to your vehicles to pick up additional crops. We do not bag things like corn, melons and tomatoes. You will need a container in order to take these things home. Do not expect the Distribution Center to provide you a bag…more than likely, it will not happen and you will need to place these crops on your seat or floor of the car! Some members bring extra bags or container, transferring their produce right on the spot at the DC and leave their bags right then and there. This way they do not have to remember to return them.

Crops: Things are really starting to come out of the shock from the storms in May. The farm is looking great! Now, if we could only tame Mother Nature’s explosive temper that flares up from time to time! (No more rain, no more hail!!) I know several of you have been hit by the recent bad weather…basements are flooded, your streets & cars may have been affected, hail damage to roofs and vehicles, toppled trees, etc. Know we are thinking about you and hope you were not affected to badly.

Thank you to those of you who made it out to the farm Sunday. We got a tremendous amount of work done and the crops look wonderful. Jerry was so happy that all the row cover was removed and the side of the plastic was hoed. It was a big project and with so many people coming to help, it really made it seem easy! We all went home tired but filled with great accomplishment. Thank you!!!
Jacquie, Jerry and Kyle


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