Newsletter – July 20, 2015


Dear Friends of the Farm,

This week you are getting New Red potatoes, red onions, garlic, green kohlrabi, beets, carrots, squash, rainbow chard and maybe a cucumber. We have hit that lull in the crops where you are pretty much going to see the same thing for a while. I hope every now and again something new will come along and make the share look a little more exciting!

We are starting the pickle wait list. Even though both the slicing cucumber and the pickling cucumber plants survived the rainy month of May, they have been very stressed out. The plants are stunted and at this time are not producing very many cucumbers. We will be giving them out in distribution so that you have some cucumbers to eat (I prefer pickling cucumbers over slicing anyway!). And just as soon as we have an abundance, we will start calling people from the wait list. Please call me to be placed on the wait list. I will need your name, phone number and whether you will want a full bushel or a half bushel of pickles. Do not leave your information in the blog comments – I will not receive it. Calling me is the only way to be put on the wait list.

Fruit: This week you are getting apricots again. I found that they get sweeter with time! I set out half the bag in a bowl on the counter and they were great in about three days. Peaches will be in soon, so you can probably expect them next. I expect you should get somewhere between 60 to 80 pounds of fruit this summer. And if I have anything to do with it (which I do!) you will get all 90 pounds by the end of the season! Ranch Durazno has been wonderful in helping me find fruit. He knows most of the growers over there and is talking to all of them. But like so many fruit growers, they have already committed their crop to a purchaser. That does not mean we can’t find apples and pears. It just is a bit challenging at the moment!

Several of you have sent checks in support of First Fruit Organic Farm and I want to say thank you. We even got a check from a member who doesn’t even get a Fruit Share! The note simply said, “Please pass along to First Fruit. I want to support any organic farm that has worked so hard to give out such lovely produce.” If anyone else would like to make a donation, I will accept your checks and send them to First Fruit on the 15th of August. Please make them out to First Fruit. Thank you again, you do not know what this means to me!

Honey: Those of you who get monthly deliveries of honey will be getting that this week. I was informed by Clark that the bees were affected too by the constant rain. They are making honey like mad but they, like so many other things, are delayed. For those of you who are getting a one time delivery of honey, you will not be getting that in August, but in September instead. There is nothing we can do, but wait for the bees to do their thing!

This is going to be one of those trying years. It is the reality of farming and what I am trying to teach you about food production. It isn’t easy, but we love what we do! Feeding people is our passion!! We wouldn’t want to live or work any other way!

Jacquie, Jerry and Kyle


4 responses to “Newsletter – July 20, 2015

  1. Chris Morrison

    Chris Morrison 303.771.2734 home or cell 720.660.6933 would like to be on the wait list for 1/2 bushel of pickles, except not during the week of the August 6 delivery, when I will be too busy to handle them.


  2. Hi Chris – please contact Jacquie at the farm directly. She does not check blog comments. Thanks.

  3. I would love to be on the wait list for pickles, will take a 1/2bushel.
    Jenae Neiman


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