Newsletter – August 17, 2015


Dear Members,

We are half way through our summer. It’s hard to believe, but it is true! Spring was difficult, but it appears the crops are really starting to come on. New this week you are getting Japanese eggplant, green bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, red watermelon and hopefully everyone will get orange honeydew. You will also get Yukon Gold potatoes, garlic, yellow onions, beets, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes and muskmelon. Please remember to scrub the rinds of the melons before you cut into them!

Reminders: Two things; it is very important to return your bags to your distributor. They are keeping track and they soon will be getting after you if you have been forgetful more than once! Second. Please remember that I am busy either working outdoors in the field or barn and delivering produce or attending farmers markets. I am not home much and do not check email. If you send me an email, the likelihood of a prompt return email is very unlikely and may not be answered until October or November! If it is important, the best way to get ahold of me is by phone.

A Day in the Life of Jacquie: I have gotten a lot of good responses from members about the Day in the Life of Jerry and was asked to do the same for myself. So here it goes!

My week starts on Sunday with either attending a farmers market or spending the morning with Jerry. We will head out to view the different veggie fields to see what is ready to pick and how much we think we can give members that week. I make a spreadsheet to figure out how much is needed for each size share and a grand total needed to be picked. Then I make a picking outline for our crew. We pick on Mon. for Tuesday distribution, Tue. for Wednesday distribution and Wed. for Thursday distribution. After members of the family come back from market (or I do), I recount & verify the cash from all the pouches from each market (Sat & Sun). If I don’t go to market and if I’m lucky enough that Jerry does not need me to help with a special project, (pick up & stack bales of hay, pick veggies or weed), I can sometimes start the newsletter or this becomes our u-pick day for members. On Monday morning I make the deposit and write the newsletter based on information extracted from Sunday rounds. Then, of course, I am going into town to the bank, the post office and any other errands needed for us personally or for the farm. (There is always something for the farm!)

Tue, Wed and Thr are basically the same. I start the morning writing a letter to each of your distributors. It will include info such as how many shares they are getting in each size, if we are adding a new customer or a donated share, how much of everything extra (not in bags) that is to be given out, and whether or not there is fruit or honey and cookbooks, how much of that is being given out and sometimes to whom. I print the newsletter and make sure each Distribution Center has the right amount. Once that is completed, I go out to the barn and help finish bagging up produce and loading trucks. Jerry and I split the route and head off in two directions returning home somewhere between 2:30 and 4:30 in the afternoon. I walk right into the office and check messages to see if a distributor has called with questions or concerns and return any important messages right away. It’s about this time I start to think about dinner and get the meat out or go out and get veggies for a stir-fry. (I make those a lot!) Wed. night I do distribution at the farm for those members who live close to me. While I wait, I work in my yard and flower beds. It is relaxing and an enjoyable way for me to experience the beauty that Mother Nature provides.

Friday is my “day off”. I clean my house, wash clothes, pay bills and (of course) run errands again. Anything I didn’t get done earlier in the week gets done on Friday. Many late Fri. afternoons you can find me out at the barn helping to load trucks for farmers markets. Sat. is an early day with a 4:30 am start and a long (one hour) drive to Boulder Market. I head home around 3:30 and now it takes an extra 15 to 20 min to get home. Once there we unload everything, sort it and reload a truck for Sunday market. Everything unsuitable for human consumption is taken out to the animals and they get a nice treat. They seem to know the program and are usually keeping an eye out for us.

Then there are those special days such as the 15th and the last day of the month that people call pay-days. I have a spreadsheet to help me determine everyone’s wages; check stubs are printed, checks are written and handed out.

Other than that, I don’t do much. My relaxation time is a good half hour or so reading in the tub at night!

Quote of the Week: Roses are red, the mud is brown. The farm is better than a night on the town! – Unknown

Vegetable Wash: Here is a handy vegetable wash you can easily make at home!

Juice from 1 whole lemon
1 spray bottle
2 tbsp vinegar
1 scrub brush
1 cup water
Mix and go at it!!!

Have a wonderful week! (It’s supposed to cool down a bit.)

Jacquie, Jerry and Kyle


3 responses to “Newsletter – August 17, 2015

  1. Did I miss what’s in the box this week? It would be super helpful to know on Sunday what we’re getting in the box on Tuesday. If that’s not possible, Monday by 8:00am would be almost as good. Not knowing until Tuesday…I might as well just wait and see when I pick it up.

    Thanks, Dawn

    • Hi Dawn – Jacquie can’t put the newsletter out on Sunday’s because she doesn’t yet know what will be in the shares. We get them posted as early in the week as possible, though generally never by Monday at 8am. I guess it’s ‘wait and see!’

  2. “Other than that, I don’t do much.” Jacquie is such a comedian!

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