Newsletter – September 14, 2015


Dear Members;

This is week 14 out of an 18 week season. You are getting purple flesh-purple skinned potatoes, yellow onions, carrots, a head of cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli, squash, lemon and slicing cucumbers, Japanese eggplant, green, orange and lipstick peppers, beans, white flesh and orange flesh honeydew, Black Velvet, Golden Globe and red tomatoes.

I didn’t realize when I wrote the newsletter last week that there wasn’t enough of the Cone cabbage to give it to everyone. So, some of you got cauliflower and broccoli instead. When we went out to the fields again this week, it appears the same thing is going to happen; you will be getting one of the three.

Another reminder to cold water bath your produce. I recently got a letter from a new member upset about the condition of the produce. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about wilted produce. I do not have refrigerated trucks and there is no refrigeration at the Distribution Centers. The produce is alive but slightly dehydrated when you get it and all it needs is a cold bath! I know I feel better after a cool shower on a hot day and your produce will do the same! Give it time; it may take all night to revive. Do as the Chinese do: When something is wilted & cannot recover, cook and eat it immediately. No one will ever know!

Did you notice your carrots are larger than before? We are now harvesting our main season planting. If Jerry had not planted an early variety, you would just now be getting carrots. Don’t be surprised if you still find a small carrot now and then. Just like children, they do not all grow up the same!

Tomatoes: New this week is Black Velvet tomatoes. This is an heirloom variety and they should be eaten with a slight tinge of green around the eye. You can eat them when they are totally red, but they will be extremely soft by then!

I am taking names on a Wait List for those of you who would like to pick tomatoes by the box. So far, we have been giving you everything that is ripening! But there is a possibility we may pick in October, if the weather holds out (it did last year, remember?!). Do not email me or leave a message on the blog, please call and leave a message. I will need your name and phone number.

Winter Share: Jerry tells me he has started the harvesting of dried beans and the Tiger eye is looking really good. He may get to the rest of them this week…we will see! Forms are due by the end of September. If you know of a friend or co-worker who would like to participate this winter, give them a copy of your form or I can. Have them give me a call with their contact info! I will try to remember to send extra forms to the Distribution Centers!

Good News! We have two new DC’s to report for the Winter Share! The MLK & Forest location is moving to Colfax & Ulster. The Lakewood location is going to be located at 26th and Simms which will be perfect for Golden, Lakewood, Arvada and Westminster customers to get to. Both Distribution Centers are super nice people and wonderful to work with!

The Harvest Festival: The Festival is this Sunday the 20th from 11 to 4. Guests will be charged $10 per person (three and under are free). It sounds like we are going to have a beautiful day with daytime temperatures sitting around 85 degrees. Can’t ask for better day than that!

Bring sturdy shoes, a hat & a large side-dish or dessert to go along with the hamburgers and hot dogs. Your dishes & utensils will be rinsed off and placed under the tables for retrieval when you are ready to go for the day.

Check in before doing anything or going anywhere at the farm. This is for safety reasons and for me to know who came by. You can pick up a map of the farm with directions to u-pick crops. Please follow the directions, or you may be picking crops that are not on the list. There will also be directions for a self-tour of the farm and its’ buildings. If you have any questions, that is the best place to stop in and ask. If they don’t know the answer….they will come find me!

Volunteers: all volunteers, but especially if you are a Master Griller; please check in with Myrna right away. She can be found between the kitchen, drink station and grills.

U-Pick Crops: Jerry will take a look after Distribution Thursday to see what crops may be in abundance. I’m pretty sure you can pick poblano and anaheim chilies plus some jalapenos too. We will have the potato digger going for a bit and there will be hayrides to the pumpkin patch. And, we have flowers! You will not be able to pick tomatoes. We normally have a few special things in the barn to take. There could be some other things; I just don’t know what they will be at this point!

Please bring your own bags! We will not be providing them.

Roasting Chilies: It will cost $5 to roast chilies. Please start inside the barn. You will get one tray for picking. When you are done, you must check in at the barn again, pay your fee and get a ticket. Your ticket will match a bag of roasted chilies laid out in trays. No waiting in line, but it does take quite a bit of time to roast, so don’t be surprised if your chilies are not ready when you are! We are limited to roasting 35 trays, so after that, you will need to roast them yourself. We are interested in people showing up early (to help set up) and to pick chilies so we can get the roaster started earlier. Feel free to come around 9am (chili picking will start around 10 or 10:30)! The more hands we have to help with chores, the sooner everyone can get started picking and enjoying the festival!

Canning Contest: Both will start at 12:30. All canning goods (jams, jellies, relishes and pickles) should be at the booth no later than 12:15. There will be experts sitting in the booth all day to answer any questions you may have with your canning needs! If you would like to check out the jams and jellies, stop by and give them a try! There will also be samples of the pickles too!

Stick Horse Races: The Stick Horse Race will begin with a parade and then the races will begin. Ribbons will be awarded!

Shucking Contest: I think we will start around 1:00 or 1:30. We will start with the kids and work up to the adults. It is fun to watch and it is really fun to participate. Plan on joining the fun!

Music: Thanks to some very talented members, we will have music from 11 to 2. Enjoy!!

No bug spray or sunblock should be applied on the farm. Please do this at home and wash your hands thoroughly. Please remember; we are organic and a chemical free farm. Thank you!

This is our way of thanking you for being members. We cannot express our gratitude as well as we would like, so we hope this gesture gives you an idea of how much you mean to us!

Hope to see you Sunday!

Jacquie, Jerry and Kyle Monroe


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