Newsletter – October 5, 2015


Dear Members,

This is week 17 of an 18 week season: You are getting banana fingerling potatoes, red onions, red beets, celery, squash, Japanese eggplant, bell peppers, specialty peppers, jalapeno, garlic, red & gold tomatoes and honeydew. The peppers are starting to get soft, but they are delicious, so use them right away or freeze them raw (just chop)!

Fruit: We hope your last delivery of fruit will be next week….if the Golden Delicious apples mature by then. After all the worry and stress of a bad year of fruit; Tomas Cameron came through and found fruit for us to enjoy. It wasn’t easy and the very last delivery may not make in time, but without the last delivery of apples, you have still received 80 pounds. This is not bad especially after knowing what kind of a year most of the farmers had over on the Western Slope. I talked with one of Kevin Kropp sons, Casey. He was telling me only half of the property can be insured and they only collected 70% of that. So a bad year is putting it mildly. I’m sure notes of encouragement would go a long way for both Chris and Kevin. First Fruits Organic Farms, PO Box 864, Paonia, CO 81428. I do not have an email address.

Honey: This is the last delivery of honey for the year for those of you who get monthly and bi-monthly honey.

Winter Shares: We are slowly getting our members and are sitting at 125. Our goal is to reach 150 by the third week of October. So, if you know anyone who might be interested, let them know we have openings. A new DC has been added in Longmont for your convenience! Extra forms will be available at your DC.

Surveys: Please take a little time to fill out the survey given out last week. It helps us to understand what is needed for each size share, how many people are using it and what size the families are and their ages. We are trying to make sure that a Single Share can feeds one vegetarian or two adults on a mixed diet; Half Share should feed two vegetarians or a family of four (with small kids) on a mixed diet and the Full Share should feed up to three on a vegetarian diet or a family of four (with teens) on a mixed diet. This is our goal and the survey helps us keep on track. It appears that people’s diets change over the years and we just want to keep up with that too! (But it is equally important to get the appropriate share according to the size household!) If you get the newsletter from the blog, you will need to download the form and fill it out or ask your DC for a copy. I am sending extra this week. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to keep us up to date! YOU MUST MAIL THE SURVEY TO THE FARM OR RETURN IT TO THE DC, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL IT.

Renewals: As the summer comes to a close and crops are slowing down; it is time to get additional information from our members. We did not raise prices in 2015 and a small increase is needed because the price of all our inputs certainly didn’t go down! We have decided that the Single Share will go up by $5, the Half Share will go up $10 and the Full Share will go up $15. Please let us know if you want an automatic renewal or not. Your DC has a way of keeping track of this so please convey your wishes to them and they will pass on the info to me.

Thank you for being such terrific members!

Jacquie, Jerry and Kyle


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