Newsletter – December 14, 2015


This week everyone will receive two bags instead of one. We will be skipping the week between Christmas & New Years and will resume deliveries on January 13th.

Produce will include:

Bag 1: Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, leeks, yukon gold potatoes, red beets, carrots, green cabbage, yellow onions, garlic.

Bag 2: Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, leeks, yukon gold potatoes, carrots, red cabbage, parsnips, celery root, yellow onions and garlic.

There will be one bag of blue popcorn and black beans also
included as part of the share.

Happy holidays!
Jacquie Monroe


4 responses to “Newsletter – December 14, 2015

  1. Hi guys,

    We are summer members. Can we just get emails related to those shares?

    Thanks! Claire

    Phillips Family


    • Hi Claire – there is now way to differentiate the two at the moment, however there are only 8 total newsletters over the winter (and I didn’t manage to post all of them). I hope it’s not too much of an inconvenience. Thank you.


    Hi Jacquie- Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

    It was fun to see you at the Boulder Farmer’s market this summer. Everyone at the Bradley House loved the melon you gave us for our anniversary. 🙂

    Could you change my email address to

    Thanks! Kristen Winfield

    • Hi Kristen – I don’t have admin rights to edit the list. You will need to unsubscribe with your current email address and resubscribe with your updated address. I’m sorry I can’t be of more assistance. Thank you!

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