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Chicken Coop Construction…Wanna Help?

It’s been proven throughout history that the more pampered a chicken is, the better the eggs taste! Well okay…maybe not, but at least they are happier chickens.

We wanted to share with you some of the current work being done out at the farm. These photos depict the fun time to be had by all, building new chicken coops.

So, check it out:

(Click on the photo to be taken directly to the slideshow)

If you’d like to participate in the fun please contact Duane Taylor at 303-506-3419 or email him at:


Thanks for the kind words…

The consensus is in:

The e-newsletter is a newly-loved, much anticipated part of the Farm! A special ‘thank you’ to all who participated and contributed to that project. And another thank you to all of you who sent sweet emails thanking us for putting this together for you. You are welcome. We want you to know that we hear you loud and clear. We also want to thank you for your patience through the initial trials of setting up the newsletter process. It’s new to us and we’re learning along the way.

In other news, some quick reminders:

Don’t forget to call Working Member Lorna Carnahan at 303-593-1754 or if you want to RSVP for planting new strawberry/onion crops on either April 11th/ or April 18th (or both).

Also, if you’re interested in a working membership (and share discount) on newly opened SATURDAYS don’t forget to call Jacquie at the Farm: 970-284-7941.

There is a poll at the bottom of this blog. We’re always trying to improve your farm experience, and we need your input on the possibility of milk shares. Please take a second and answer our poll!