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Newsletter – June 22, 2014


Dear Friends,

This week you are getting New Yukon Gold potatoes, summer squash (could be either zucchini or yellow straight neck), garlic, garlic scapes, oregano, lettuce and peas (could get either/or both snap peas and snow peas).  Garlic scapes are the “flowering” stem of the plant.  The scape itself consists of small bulb-etts.  They can be planted to create a new bulb of garlic.  However it will take up to three years (or more) before you get any garlic cloves harvestable!  Most people use the garlic scape (stem and top) chopped and used in salads, stir-fry’s, soups and roasted, etc.  It is a milder form of garlic. See recipes at end of letter. Continue reading


2014 Summer Distribution


Hi members! The Monroes have been getting many calls recently asking about the start of summer distribution. NO, you have not missed it! They are hoping to start the 3rd week in June. It’s a bit later this year due to the very wet spring. Your distribution center WILL e-mail or call you with directions, when hours are to pick up and what to do if you forget. Don’t worry, we will notify you when we are starting. Thanks and we look forward to a delicious summer!