The surprises found weekly in the bag of fresh, organic produce delight CSA members, but sometimes present a challenge. You may never have cooked with kohlrabi or fennel, or you may just be bored with your standard carrot and potato recipes. For years the Monroes have wanted to create a cookbook for CSA members to provide storage and cooking tips and to share recipes so that everyone can cook confidently using the bounty provided from the farm. The recently published Farm Fresh cookbook brings all of that information together for CSA members in one comprehensive cookbook.

You will find a traditional index in the rear of the cookbook. If you are searching for a recipe by category (like “Main Dishes”), you’ll find it listed alphabetically there. In addition, we have added a second important index in the front of the cookbook that lists the vegetables grown by the farm and recipes in this book that use those vegetables, making it easy to find a recipe to use the vegetables in the weekly harvest. After the vegetable index is a produce guide offering tips on how to store, cook, and preserve all of the vegetables grown by the farm and featured in the cookbook.

You may order copies of the cookbook on your Sign Up Form or by contacting the farm directly. The cookbook is priced at $12 plus $3 shipping and handling.